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4. bbc History timeline

The BBC history timeline.


18 October – The British Broadcasting Company is formed. 
This is the first time the organisation was named and told to the outside worlds. However know one knew what they was capable of and how successful they were going to be. 

  • 15 January – First live sports broadcast on the BBC. The rugby union international England v Wales.
  • 22 January – First live football match broadcast, featuring Arsenals home league fixture against Sheffield united from Highbury.
these where very important factors for the BBC. Sport has always been a very important part in people lives, Before this many people may have struggled to afford to go to games, however BBC broadcasting them made many veiwers at home watch the football also places like the pub if it had a TV people would go and watch.
  • 2 November – The BBC opens the world's first regular high-definition television service.
  • 29 July – The London Olympics is televised.
Broadcasting the Olympics is a very good thing  people all around the world would come to see the Olympics. however broadcasting the London Olympics made the BBC a lots of money for advertisement and also just for showing what was happening. Many people had to put quarters into their TV at home to watch programs. many people would want to watch the Olympics.
  • 5 July - BBC reads the first televised BBC News.
the first televised new is a very big step for the BBC this shows that they are growing getting information from all around the world and then showing the people that live in the United Kingdom what is going on. Reading the news can be very powerful as they are in control and tell the public what is happening but if they get the wrong perspective or  if the journalist haven't done the right research and people find out differently then the BBC could be in troublee 
    • 28 March – Television transmissions begin from the new Crystal Palace site in south London.
This shows to the public that the BBC are getting bigger they are becoming a larger organisation as they have now created a new transmission site.
    • 22 August – First broadcast of top flight football television show Match Of The Day.
this still is being shown today the highlights of every game on Saturday. this is what the public will pay to see, not only seeing just one game for 90 minutes, match of the day has given the public the best goals tackles shots saves from every game every Saturday.
    • 2 December – BBC2 becomes the first television channel in Britain to broadcast in colour.
Bringing colour into television is a very large step forward, however this may be hard to begin with as colour TV would of been bought out making it very expensive.
  • 15 November – BBC1 starts broadcasting in colour.
now more channels have be broadcast in colour more people will have coloured TV. colour is a very important part of tv as it makes it more realistic more int resting to watch making people want to watch television and BBC channels over and over again.

  • 3 September - First broadcast of the BBC 6'oclock News on BBC 1,
giving a set time for the news has started to give BBc more of a schedule helping the viewers and also bbc journalists themselves. they know they are presents the news every day at o'clock, whatever they have found out is to be broadcast-ed in colour at the specific time. and the viewers know to watch it then.

  • November 1997 – BBC News Online, a web-based news service, begins to expand and become more popular.
  • December 1997 – BBC , BBC's web presence, officially launched.
Now BBC have produced web-based new service this has help the public out with fining out the news from all around the world no matter what it is with the internet instead of having to wait for the 6'oclock news. this would have made BBC larger expanding getting more advertisements and having a higher income to carry on improving.
  • 11 February – CBBC channel and Cbeebies begin broadcasting on the major digital television platforms: Free-view (digital terrestrial), digital cable and Sky Digital (digital satellite).
BBC have now started to broadcast on other channels giving them a wider range of viewers and also could bring more advertisements for commercials. both of these channels are mainly for children, this is now targeting a new audience which will open up the market for production.
  • 21 April – Name changes for BBC News 24 and BBC World. Now BBC News and BBC World News
Showing viewers that BBC are World News and they will have the latest on what goes on around the world.
  • 27 July – The 2012 Olympic Games take place.
BBC are Battling with other competitors, however having the Olympic games have given them a change to do thing their way, get more advertisements and present the Olympics. they would have to do this is a very interesting way or other competitors could try steal the main even of of them.

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