Friday, 30 January 2015

logo development and evaluation

final Logo Justification

What went well with our logo?
  • The theme of the logo is very artist
  • The font of the logo is very cool and stylish (High Style)
  • A lot of different colours used to be eye-catching
Even better if our logo...
  • There was a main colour
  • Had animation or live footage
  • If the C and the 4 were bolder and closer together
The tools we used on photoshop to design this logo were inserting text, eraser to get rid of some faults and add more shape to the logo and colour fill to change the colours of the font and blocks.

The target audience for Channel 4 ranges from a fairly young age to older ages as they show a big variety of shows such as 'The Simpsons' for younger children but then other shows like 'Deal or NoDeal' or 'Count down' for the elder people to watch.

final storyboard

powerpoint Bibliography

self assessment and client feedback

In our powerpoint, we had to persuade to the audience what we are hoping to invest in from our ident, what we feel our ident can bring to the channel and why our ident is the best for the channel. We explained all our ideas and narrowed them all down to a final idea. We explained how we put all our ideas into one final idea.


  • The idea of putting all ideas into one idea
  • The storyboard was nice and clear. Easy to understand
  • How we explained our sound choices and why they fit in with the ident
  • The way we researched the best technique to create an ident
  • Putting all ideas into one, could be too long for an ident
  • Some scene from scene switches may not make sense (Beach to a volcano (We had to re-evaluate the scenes)
We were pleased with the feed back we received from the class. The only thing we was a bit disappointed about was how we didn't carefully think through about the change of scenery and if they would make sense. The feed back has helped us to improve out ident and actually make our ident the best possible and into the time frame of the ident of 20seconds.

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Development of ideas

Through the process of making my channel 4  Ident I have come up with many different ideas, I have stuidied channel 4 previous indents and help that to come Up with my own ideas. I have already had 5 different ideas but I have decided to develop 3 more on further.

Two  of my ideas have a spark that is lit and then goes on a 'journey'.
My first idea:
For my first idea I have a spark that is lit in a construction sight, the spark slowly
Travels through the construction sight and then go though a city, the city is dark however there are cars driving and people crossing the road like normal day life. The spark them enters a building and at then everything is lit up, every light in every building, however the lights then fail. The camera zooms out and the only lights left on in the building creates the number '4'. We have developed this from it being a powercut at first and then going straight into the lights turning back on, we wanted our ident to be longer and more interesting, then that when we decided we wanted to add the construction site and city.

My second idea:
Our second idea was still a spark. A man lit a spark in the woods, you would also again see the spark travel through many different locations however this time it would travel through a forest ca putting the trees and animals, it will then travel through s field, is is to you can get an idea of how fast the spark is traveling, once if has made it to the mountains it will travel up a volcano, it will go inside the volcano and once this has happened, the volcano will erupt, lava will be exploding out of the volcano and crashing down the sides, we wanted to incorporate the lava into the creation of the logo appearing as it will be like channels 4 theme of natural forms. As the lava is flowing down the sides of the volcano the will mould round rocks. Once the lava has moulded round these rocks it will create a number 4.

My third idea:
For my third and final ident idea I decided to not use a big spark, however I have still used what looks like a fuses. There will be many buildings, the ident shows the building then goes down to ground level, the camera will find the fuse and then follow it backwards to where the fuse will be lit. Soon as the camera makes It it will be lit following the small light half way down the fuse, it only follows it half way due to the fuse continuing on and then blowing up all of the buildings. After the smoke has clearned and all rubble has settled the camera will float over the top of the ruins. As the 4 glides over the rubble it will see a number 4 emerge but once it has own to much over it then4 will disappear. This fits in very well with the corporate identity theory.

Justification of final idea.

Our final idea is what we feel will be a our most effect ident. We originally came came up with 5 different ideas, we then developed 3 of those 5 ideas on further. We developed them on to have a more detailed understand of the different ideas we could have for our ident. We eventually chose one of the 3 ideas to then be our final idea. We would produce this idea into an ident. 

Our chosen idea was one we can develop into other ideas. The ident started with a man lighting a spark, the spark then traveled through many differnt locations, we chose for it to travel through s forest which is where the spark will start off, then travel through a big open field and then the viewer would then get the feel of how fast the spark was going and finally It would reach mountings where the spark sill travel up into a volcano. Once the spark has entered the top of the volcano the mountain will explode, it will erupt with lava flooding out the top. As  the lava travels  down the sides of the volcano it will skip parts of the rock as the lava shapes round the rock surface it will create the number 4. 

We have chosen to do this idea as we feel it is our strongest, it is very imaginative and exciting, even though with channel 4 indents there's not always lots of entertainment we feel that this ident with give a bit of entertainment but will still understand the concept of channel 4.we feel it will engage with the viewers.  Instead of The number 4 having natural forms floating, we have stuck with the natural forms but used lava down the side of a volcano to capture to same 4.

This ident we feel will be animated with play do and clay. We chose to use these materials as they are easy to use and can be moulded easy. As we are creating this ident in a classroom environment, we thought it would be hard to capture a real life volcano erupting, this is also another reason for choosing to use clay. We can easily mould the eruption using Istop motion to capture the lava falling down the side of the volcano. We can mould the lava around the artificial volcano to create our channel logo. 

Ident design and purpose

Screen tempo
In this bbc one ident the hippos are swimming in a circle. This gives a very slow screen tempo due to the hippos moving at a slow pace. However within this ident there is also a fast tempo, this is the fish that swim fast across the Middle of the ident. The hippos swimming in a circle is the main focus point. Hippos swimming in a cirlce can be boring to watch so they have introduced a hippo swimming up on the right and then another hippos swims down making it more interesting for the viewer.

Space and time:
Studying the time time of idents they vairy. From at least 15-30 seconds. However the E4 ident is normally around every 30 seconds. E4 show this ident after every program they show on there channel.

Information and entertainment led:
Throughout channel 4 ident they don't give any writen information, it is all spoken and there isn't much entertainment throughtout. They are all usually a '4' created in different ways using natural forms. They are normally floating which give the viewers a bit of entertainment however they may show the scheduling of the shows at the end of the ident.

Interaction with viewers
In many ident they can have voice overs. These voice overs will be a person talking either about the program that is about to be shown or in some cases programs that will be shown later on that channel. Within some idents  they can sometimes have pictures and writen titles of what is going to be shown next.

Density of information.
Wishing this E4 Ident I have noticed a very low density of information, and only
Shows information once the ident has finished, however it also can sometimes have vocal information about programs while the ident is still being played.

The branding of the bbc one has alway been the same as they have always used a circular movement or shape. They use kites and hippos and even people, they make these things move in a circular movement and within the cirlce that has been created they put their BBC one logo inside.

Packaging and repackaging:
The packaging and repackaging of in when s channel changes their logo to s more recent and improves the logo and for the people to remember more. For example in the itv logo there has been a lot Of change, it has changed from just yellow with black font to a more multicoloured joined up font. This is because each of these logos are shown on different channels.

Segmentation within scheduling.
Ident scheduling is between, before and after programs are shown. They are sometimes shown as a shorter version in the middle of thhe adverts if the programme is a longer period.

Marketing is how the channel promotes their programs and their selfs by advert everywhere. For example channel 4 marketing overseas each element of the marketing campaigns for the programs. This will include on-air trails, posters/press and also as campaigns, digital and online marketing, events, competitions and brand partnerships.

The identity of a channel is due to many factors such  logo backgrounds indents colour font and many more. The identity if E4 is their logo which has the e that is inside the 4. All of theirs ident shave many different fantasy things and can be confusing, however they have a main colour scheme which is purple these all are the identity of E4 and these factors of E4 is what many people remember.

Scheduling is when the ident has be scheduled in to be played. Idems can be before, after or even shortened for the adverts in the middle of a program. Most idents like BBC one show their ident before a progrm is on and also they will narrate what programm is about to be shown.


Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Music video styles

Interpretative/ Impressionist:
Similar to surrealistic music videos, Interpretative music videos can be abstract and may not have a direct relation to the music. The main difference between the two is that Interpretative videos don't usually contain distorted, or un real imagery, they aren't intended to be surrealistic but rather focuses on adding a creative visual experience to the music in which viewers can interpret differently.

These music videos are very abstract, and may or may not have a relation to the music itself, these videos are very artistic and creative and usually contain a mixture of live footage and animation to add surreal effects or distortion. They appear to be influence by visions or dreams.

NarrativeSome Artists want to portray the meaning or message of their song through the music video. These narrative music videos can either be a literal representation of the lyrics, can be metaphorical or can even be a completely unique story line not related to the lyrics, or the music.

Animation based music videos are simply partially or entirely animated music videos. This style of music video is usually cheaper to produce since it is entirely digital, and props, venues, cameras and other equipment arn't needed. This style of music video can also compliment a song as it may suit its mood, or can attract their target age group.

Parody/HomagesParodies are usually fan made, comedic versions of well known music videos. Parodies can come in any form (animation, narrative, as-live etc.) they take the form of the original video that they are copying. Parodies also change the lyrics of the original song, but keeps the rhythm of the original song so that they sound very similar. 

Concert/ As-liveThis style of music video captures the experience of seeing the artist performing live. They can be either staged performances produced in a studio, or can be actually live footage captured during real performanc. This creates a realistic feel and gives the viewer an experience unlike the other forms of music videos. It is often used to show the emotion, and attitude of the artist as they perform the song to give the viewer a better feel for the music. It is also used as a marketing tool to promote concerts and tour dates.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

In depth artist case study.


Rudimental are an English band who are signed to Asylum Records and independent label Black Butter. The quartet consists of Piers Agget, Amir Amor, Kesi Dryden and DJ Locksmith. three of the group’s four members hailing from Hackney, the group credits the east London borough for shaping both their music and their friendship.One year after releasing 2012’s summer anthem Feel The Love and Rudimental have just claimed their second Official UK No.1 single. Waiting All Night featuring Ella Eyre raced ahead of and Justin Bieber’s track on  Sunday with over 107,000 sales, according to Official Chart Company data - the biggest first-week sales of any single that year. 

 For Dryden, Rolle and Aggett, Hackney is the place they call ‘home’ – which is incidentally the name of the group’s debut album. The trio, who have known each other since childhood, went to school, played football, learnt to DJ and how to make beats in Hackney, and Aggett feels the borough’s multicultural backdrop is one of its best features.The three childhood friends formed Rudimental in 2007. But it wasn't until 2011, with the arrival of fourth member and fellow Londoner Amor – and the release of their single Spoons.  

These amiable twenty-something musician/producers have proven a modern homegrown smash, creating everyman dance anthems (Feel The Love, Not Giving In, Waiting All Night) that connect on an epic scale.Rudimental’s debut album, Home, was recently nominated for a Mercury Prize, yet, as Amor points out, they remain at ease on both sides of the stage. Rudimental see themselves in the tradition of British dance acts with fluid identities.
‘We’re not the face of any of our tracks,’ agrees Aggett. ‘We’re essentially musicians, producers and songwriters. It was hard to get across at first but you have more of an understanding when we’re live, with different singers coming on stage.’ 
source wikipedia

while studying Rudimental i have noticed various things that occur in their video. i feel that this is there theme as it occur in many of their music videos. their videos are emotional but they also give a very good determination vibe. they relate to their own group within some of the music and videos they produce, they show 'brother' either taking different paths or showing determination to be the best and reach to the highest possible level they can. Rudimental was a good choice for us as we have all been friends for a while, living in the same area and can relate to Rudimental very well.

Narrative Theory

Narrative Theory.
This is the way a story is told both fictional and non-fictional media texts.
 Many different fairy tails have been studied and analysed, the conclusion that has been made that characters and their actions define roles and functions. there are these similarities in numerous stories just dealt and shown in different ways. 
Character Roles:
The hero (seeks something)
The villain ( opposes the hero) 
The donor ( help the hero by providing magical object)
The dispatcher (send the hero on his way)
The false hero ( falsely assuming the role of a hero)
The helper (gives support to the hero)
The princess (the reward for the hero, but also needs protection from the villain)
The princesses father
The villain (causing problems)

The narrative works with five different codes which activate the reader to make sense of it.
Action - a narrative device by which a resolution is produced through action, e.g. shoot-out
Engima - a narrative device that teases the audience by presenting puzzle or riddle to be solved. works to delay the story ending pleasurably.
symbolic - ( connotation)
semic - (denotation)
cultural - a narrative device which the audience can recognize as being part of a culture e.g. a "made man" in a gangster film is part of the mafia culture.

Within class we looked at narrative theory and in groups came up with what we felt suited ticked all the boxes, we came up with frozen, we felts that all the characters in this are to do with narrative theory, even though there is more characters that needed the main ones throughout the film fit in with the narrative theory.

Directors task

Williams was born in Queens New York and is of African and Honduran descent. He later attended Adelphi University. Williams' big break came when he began working with Classic Concepts Video Productions. Lionel "Vid Kid" Martin & VJ Ralph McDaniels created Williams' first opportunity with the "Filmmakers With Attitude" moniker (FWA), which was Williams' first video company. (wikipedia)  

Hype Williams had a specific style when filming music videos. This style was to use a fish eye camera lens which distorted the camera view around the central focus. This has been used in artists videos such as busta rhymes. Another  style involves placing shots in regular widescreen ratio, while a second shot is split and placed in the upper and lower bars. This is a technique often used by Hype which allows his videos to be dynamic, multi diminutional as opposed to having static camera angles. These styles used by Hype are used in more than one genre as they ad good effect to every video. Hype doesn't specifically work with a certain artist. He works with many other artists, but tends to stick to hip hop artists as hip hop is what he knows best. A good example of the styles he uses is in Missy Elliots video the rain.

In all of hype williams' music videos he is conventional. In hip hop music videos we would expect to see lots of close ups, money, girls and bling. Hype williams certainly shows this in his music videos. We especially see a lot of close ups in his music videos because this is where he mainly uses his fish eye technique because it makes the artist the centre of attention.

Monday, 12 January 2015

5.BBC one purposes

BBC One Purposes

Management and Structure
The Royal Charter The BBC’s six purposes are set out by the royal chart and Agreement, the constitutional basis for the BBC as presented to Parliament these purposes are basically out lining the value of the BBC as its mission is to inform, educate, and entertain the viewer.
The BBC Trust is Led be Chairmen Lord Patten. The Trust is the guardian of the license
fee revenue and of the public interest in the BBC. The BBC trust set challenges for the
  •         Increase the distinctiveness and quality of output;
  •         Improve the value for money provided to license fee payers;
  •         Set new standards of openness and transparency; and
  •         Do more to serve all audiences.
The BBC trust issue a service licence to every BBC service stating what we expect it to deliver and how much it can spend.
Executive Board and Senior Management manage the BBC. It is responsible for operational management and for delivery of BBC services according to the plans that have been agreed with the BBC. It is supported by a number of groups and the BBC trust assesses the performance of the executive board in the annual report
Statutory Commitments:
What are the BBC Purposes and how are they delivered?
The purposes of the BBC are to promote education and learning, sustain citizenship and civil society, stimulating creativity and cultural excellence, representing the UK, its nations and regions and communities, bringing the UK to the world and the world to the UK and deliver to the public the benefit of emerging communications technologies and services.

How will the BBC ensure they are delivering value to all audiences?

The BBC Trust, after public consultation, has divided this remit into five specific priorities:

  •        Provide independent journalism of the highest quality.
  •        Engage a wide audience in news, current affairs and other topical issues.
  •        Encourage conversation and debate about news, current affairs and topical issues.
  •        Build greater understanding of the parliamentary process and political institutions governing the UK.
Explain how the BBC represents the UK, its nations, regions and communities
The BBC's network news output will effectively report the changing face of the UK and the realities of devolution. It will reflect perspectives from across the nations and regions and explain policy differences. The BBC has worked hard in recent years to improve the accuracy, balance and relevance of its UK-wide news coverage, but there is room for further improvement in both newsgathering and output.
Television License
What is the TV License and who pays it?
Everyone in the UK who watches or records TV programmes at the same as they are shown on TV needs to be covered by a TV licence. This includes TVs, computers, mobile phones, games consoles, digital boxes and DVD/VHS recorders.
The Government sets the level of the licence fee. In January 2007 the licence fee was agreed for a six-year period with the amount being approved each year by Parliament. More recently the Government decided to freeze the licence fee at its 2010 level of £145.50 until the end of the current BBC Charter period in 2016.
How is this money used?

Between 1 April 2012 and 31 March 2013 the cost was £145.50 – the equivalent of £12.13 per month or just under 40p per day. The BBC used its income from the licence fee to pay for its TV, radio and online services, plus other costs, as shown below.
School Trip: 
While staying the BBC in school we had a trip to the BBC head quarters. we had a tour of what goes on inside the BBC seeing all the different aspects. while waiting for the tour to begin we was lucky enough to see one of the weather presents work, we saw that there is a green screen behind the presenter and then with the technology on the screen they would add in the map in and the weather that was going to occur. after seeing this the guides took us to a mock f the actual weather forecast presentations. a few members of our class was selected to take part, one member would sit behind a desk and introduce the weather presenter. another member would stand in front of the green screen and pretended to present the weather. on the screens that are shows was we could see what the public would see if it was actually broadcasted, this was a good way to see how the BBC presenters actually work and what goes on behind the scenes. We also saw many other presentation rooms such as the radio and also we got to sit on the seats that are shown on the one show. this also looks very different to what it does on TV as you cannot see the whole room but once in there we could feel the environment the presenters worked in. 

Here are photos of the three members of our group that got chose to preform the weather and what it would look like in an actual studio.
you can see Harry in-front of the big screen and then on the TV you can see him with the map and weather forecast.

Interview Questions and Responses.

1. Tell me about yourself?
I am a very hard working individual. i am 23 and have been with my partner for 2 years, i am a very committed to everything i do in life making sure if its making toast to creating a company i will do it to the very best of my ability. i want to impress many people.

2.What are your key skills/strengths?
I have learned many skills throughout different work experience and previous jobs, i have had very good feedback and also some criticism, i have learned from my mistakes taking everything on board and i move forward, everyday my aim is to learn something new so i can progress making my level very high and being the best at my job. 

3.What are your weaknesses?
I wouldn't say i have any weakness. if i don't understand what is asked then i won't walk away i will do my best to overcome the situation and solve it. i don't like to think i have an weaknesses and if i find something that I'm not as strong at then i will do my research and make sure i am up to date and improve.  

4.Why did you leave your last job?
I decided to leave my last job as i felt my ability was a lot better than what i what my job was. before i left i was at that job for many years, however i had made it to the highest level i can and i feel i haven't be able to show what i can really do. I feel your company will get the very best out of me pushing me to the limits and be a better challenge for my determination.

5.Why do you want this job?
I feel that this job is best suited for me, i understand that to succeed in this job you have to be very keen to learn but also be very creative and understand different perspectives. i have learned many of these skills throughout different experiences. this job is very suited to me as i am very qualified and interested understand what is asked from me. 

6.Tell me about a difficult scenario at work and how you dealt with it?
with any scenario i will always work a way of solving it. if i don't understand i will ask peers and take notes, i am always keen to learn. with any situation i will be very keen to find out what is the best way of achieving what is asked from me.

7.Tell me about an achievement of which you are proud?
i have be proud of many things i have achieved throughout my career. i try my best with everything i do and feel that i live up the the expectation of what is asked from me. 

8.What are your career goals?
throughout my Career i want to progress and get to the highest possible standard i can, i am a very determined individual who will take advice and criticism  i am a very good team worker that will work with other people within the company to produce the best outcome.   

9.What are your salary expectations?
My last job i was on 40-50,000 pounds a year, however my salary isn't my motivation for changing jobs, i feel that this job suits me better and i will be happy to take any salary and progress through the organisation. 

10.What do you know about our organisation?
i understand that you are a very high organisation that only wants very high qualified individuals. the work produced here is some of the best in the worlds, i will be very proud to work for a organisations as large as you. 

cover letter

Dear Mr/Mrs
I am writing to enquire if you have any vacancies in your company. I enclose my CV for your information.
As you can see, I have had extensive vacation work experience in all kinds of environments, the different areas and service industries, giving me varied skills and the ability to work with many different types of people. I believe I could fit easily into your team.
I am a conscientious person who works hard and pays attention to detail. I'm flexible, quick to pick up new skills and eager to learn from others. I also have lots of ideas and enthusiasm. I'm keen to work for a company with a great reputation and high profile such as your company.
I have excellent references and would be delighted to discuss any possible vacancy with you at your convenience. In case you do not have any suitable openings at the moment, I would be grateful if you would keep my CV on file for any future possibilities.
Yours sincerely
 Thomas Madkins

10. cv

Thomas Madkins 

 [D.O.B 30/07/1997]
40 peets wood road, Orpington, kent Br5 1Lb 

My name is Thomas Madkins i am a dedicated and hard working individual, i am looking to become a radio presenter, i love to chat away, i enjoy working with various differ people and will always be nice and get along with them. i will without fail make as much time for my work as i need, working overtime or even extra shifts,  .
Bold for this section, with a box around it. 

    Easy to talk to 
    Good team worker

 West End, London       

         Big high end show presenter. – i have worked over the years with various different people however my previous job i went up on different stages infront off thousands of people and presented different activities during a interval of a high end show, i needed to be confident and not run out of things to say being creative and being confutable and very casual. 

     made many people want to come up on stage face their fears and have a laugh, getting people involved.

Bromley football club, Bromley, Kent.                 

commentator at local sports ground – i had to commentate on local sports events that was happening in the stadium, i had to do a lot of outside work memorizing names and faces off different players. & whom you reported to.  With some employers you will have been in more than one role, which should be shown like this.
·       Bromley
·       Kent

Graphic Design Company, London.

Within this i only did 3 months work experience, however within the 3 months i have learn how to use many different types of technologies and how to create new things, i have designed many posters, and also leaflets for different companies. i have had many positive feedback from these different companies and also some criticism, however i have taken this on board and learned from my mistakes. 

     ·      commentator at a local football & rugby  team, i found this job very fun as i got to show my passion for what i love and also have my opinion as well as taking and thinking of other people.
My best experiences is being a presenter and west end, i have had come across many different situations and audiences, each time i go up onto the stage i learn something new.
within Graphic design company i had learned how to use many types of computer equipment.


·  Chartered Engineer (CEng)

·  Member of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (MIM)

· Bournemouth: Radio degree,  Graphic Design

 · Ravenswood SChool: A-levels in media, english language & Theology & Ethics  plus   

English A*

Science A
Maths A
Theology & Ethics A*
Geography A
French A
ICT D*(A*)

Date of birth: 30-07-1987

Status: Married, 2 children
Nationality: English
Driving licence: ??? (Include HGV, PSV, Fork Lift, etc.)
i play football 2 twice a week and then i also enjoy doing charity work with my partner once every other month.