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shooting script



33. bibliography

Why we chose Channel 4?
 We chose channel 4 because, we felt that the ident of the channel are aimed towards people of our age. This gave us a lot of ideas in what we could base our ident around.
Channel 4 use landscapes alot in their indents, so we chose to do two landscapes in one ident.

How we chose our final idea
 We chose our final ideas of using two landscapes because, no other channel 4 ident landscapes has two landscapes in, so we thought this would be a twist to the channel.
 We had many different ways in which to chose our final idea such as a survey around our local area through e-mail. We asked 10 different multi-choice questions and got an average for each answer to the questions to choose our final idea.

How we developed our ideas
 We developed our ideas by all coming up with an idea and sharing it around the group, if we had any ideas which linked in anyway or we liked a specific idea, we would create an ident out of the ideas we came up with.

How we made our ident
 We made our ident completely out of modelling clay. The props we created were trees, a volcano, a little spark and we used a lego man.
 We set out all the trees at a POV (point of view) and followed the spark through the woods which eventually lead to a volcano.
 The volcano starts erupting whilst the spark starts climbing up the volcano and falls into the volcano and then the pour our lava which is bit of red clay we added after each photo to create a 4 in the middle of the lava.

31. Revised Proposal+ Planning

Concept or idea
my advert is very simple but also very effective. a spark is lit, we then follow the spark through different landscapes such as a Forest, City scape, and  then finishes going trough a beach. The spark then goes up a volcano and stops half way up. The volcano then Erupts, the lava explodes and falls down the side of the volcano. The lava is then shaped into the number '4'.
There will be different types off noises for the  different locations we have chosen. For example the forest there will be noises such as birds and wind in the trees, for the city scape there will be people talking and car horns going off, then for the beach will be the waves braking and finally our last noise will be a bang for the volcano erupting. Our animation will be of the spark as i will be in a cartoon format.


The advert we have designed I feel will catch the audiences attention but also will be very relaxing throughout. when the volcano erupts  it will be exciting and different making the audience excited and interested, ready for the program that is going to be played.

We have chosen various location as we feel that they are very different to each other and very unique. Each location has it own personality, their own special features that defines and show them apart. Many things are linked and different in the world. The locations we have chosen all have different elements that go on within them.
Key Context.

Our advert will be around  approximately 15-20 seconds.

We will have many different locations throughout our ident. places such as a Forest, city scape, beach and a volcano.
Our main 'character' is our animation of our spark that is shown throughout 90% of the advert.
Our camera will follow the spark through the different locations we have chosen.
There will be different sounds for our different location. forest; birds and animal noises. City scape; car noises and horns. beach: waves braking. volcano; big bang.

Target audience.

 My advert will appeal to the ages of people from 14-40. this means that my advert with appeal to very young people as well as older people catching the eye and entertaining viewers of all ages.
 the genre of my advert is a bit of comedy with a Genre called 'slice of life'.
Our age target is around 14-40 year olds.
Our advert is aimed at both Male and Female.

I feel that this idea will be successful because it is different. It uses the concepts of other Channel 4 idents. takes there ideas and puts it all into 1. This idea is unusual and unique is has many different stages and ideas instead of using them separately we have put them together, condensed them down and made a different type of advert which can be changed into loads of different adverts in the future.
I feel this advert will catch the eye of many viewers, it is different to others, and I have taken past  questionnaires and used people of the public to get feedback to make my advert the best it can be. However I have still kept the main concept of previous channel 4 adverts and have put  it into my ideas and also put my own spin on it.
 I feel that my advert is very creative. there are many different things going on that all link with each other. There is also animation which I feel fits it with real life scenes very well. it is a quick and catchy advert making sure the viewer doesn't get bored throughout.

32. Channel 4 Pitch

24. Production Schedule

Production Schedule


34) final ident

26. location recce

28. Crew Roles

Crew Roles

Major Roles

Director: Tom Madkins
Definition: the director is in charge of everything and he decides what music is chosen and where the camera is placed.
Tom will be in control of what is filmed and when when it is filmed. he will be in control telling others where he wants different camera positioned and also what sort of shots he wants.

Producer: Kieran McWilliam 
Definition: The producer is someone who makes sure that everyone is in the right places at the right and and also is in charge of all the paper work.
Kieran will be working close to the director as he will need to know what the director needs, where he needs it and when he needs it. Kieran will be in control with all the paper work making sure everything is up to date and handed in at the right time.

Director of Photography (D.P.): Kieran McWilliam 
Definition: The director of photography are requested by the director and must be approved by the financials studio and completion bond company DP. They will work closely with the director and production design to give a film its visual signature.

Editor: Tom Madkins
Definition: Editing is the process of selecting and preparing Written, Visual, Audible and Film media used to convey information. The editing process can involve correction, condensation, organization, and many other modifications performed with an intention of producing a correct, consistent, accurate and complete work.
Tom will be the editor, we will have all the shots music and clips he needs to produce the final edit, he will be in charge of taking out shots that won't be needed.Tom will be putting it together and once finished he will take advice of the director to see if it is edited to how he wants it.

Camera Operator: Tom Madkins and Kieran McWilliam
Definition: camera operators perform a vital role within the camera department on the feature films. they support the director of photography and the director by accurately carrying out their interactions regarding shot composition and development.
the camera operator will be in control of how many shots are taken and also the lighting. the director will tell the camera operator where he wants the cameras placed but it is the camera operator job to get the right focus and lighting. 

Minor Roles
Assistant Camera (A.C.): Tom Madkins
Definition: assistant camera, is a member of a film crew’s camera department whose primary responsibility is to maintain image sharpness on whatever subject or action is being filmed.
The assistant camera throughout the casting will help give advice on the lighting and also help the director with the positioning of the camera. if he feels it is hard to capture what is needed then will tell the Camera operator to then go to the director. 

Assistant Director (A.D.): Kieran Mcwilliam
Definition: tracking daily progress against the filming production schedule, arranging logistics, preparing daily call sheet, checking cast and crew, and maintaining order on the set.
Kieran as assistant director he will he help and give the director advance on where things can placed. he will also be in control of when it is filmed and making sure the cast and crew are at the right places when needed. 

Art Director: Tom Madkins

Definition:Art Director's job to realise the Production Designer's creative vision for all the sets and locations that eventually give productions their unique visual identity. They work on feature films, commercials and some types of television productions.
Tom will be in control of the clay and backgrounds he will make sure that all the probe that are needed throughout filming will be the best quality. 

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29. Expansion of ident

Due to the design and layout of out ident, we have decided that we would need to make other indents similar to the one we have created. We found with our other ideas it could be a challemge to fulfil that goal.
The final chosen idea of our ident made this a lot easier. In every ident we created we would stick to having a main 'character' like E4 Eefer. Ours would be the spark. Within the ident we created the spark is lit, travelling through a forest and then onto a feild until it
Reaches the mountains where it travels up a volcano. The volcano then erupts, the lava crashing down the side of the volcano moulding round rocks. Once the lava has moulded it creates the number 4. We felt that this spark could travel the world. Follower img a fuse to many famous and also not so famous places, in each ident exploring the different kinds of nature. 
The way the ident will finish will be due to what the spark was traveling through, not all of our idents can finish with a erupting volcano. 
How will our indents finish?
Well prior to the creation on our ident we did have various ideas to how we wanted to finish the ident, however we liked the idea of the volcano best.  We thought due to the situation of where the spark is travelling then it will help us decide what kind of finish we would have to each individual ident. The endings we came up with we thought still could make an outstanding ident.
Ideas for future idents.
The spark can travel through a city and go into the power supply, when the camera zooms out and gets a bids eye veiw of the city then the spark has ligh up buildings that are layed out to create the 4
When finished travelling up to the sun through space then the sun will explode and what is left after creates the cumber 4.
Traveling through mountings the spark creates an avalanche when the Avalanche is finished all you see at the bottom of the mountains is the snow however the snow falls around the Rick creating the 4.
We have come up with many ideas so we can expand out original idea on further. We want each idea to be unique and different, but also keep one element the same to show they are related. 'The spark'. The spark will appear in every ident we produce as we feel it is a good focus point and also exciting towards the viewers.

35. Ident screen grab annotation

 Here above is the beginning off my ident. the first scene is set in the forrest. you can see the trees in the background and the man getting ready to light the spark.
 On this clip the lego man has lit the spark and it is traveling through the forest towards the mountains.
 While the spark is traveling trough the forrest we have slightly zoomed in onto the spark. we felt getting a close up of the spark makes it easier to see what is going on and what's happening.
 The forrest then leads the spark out to the mountains where the volcano is.
 The spark travels up the spark, we also zoomed in slightly on the spark again so it is easier to see and ist to far away.
 The spark has reached the top of the volcano after being set off by the lego man. it goes into the volcano .
 The spark has entered the volcano and has made it erupt. the lava is firing out of the volcano.
 Now the lava is falling down the side off the volcano, more is coming out and creating something.
The lava has created a number'4' on the side of the volcano. this is the end off our ident and we zoom out a bit so you can see what is happening in the clip.
above is where i have added the sound over the top of the video i have converted the music from youtube and then placed it into final cut. The noises i have chosen fit the forest and volcano erupting to give it more effect. 
here are only some off the shots i have taken to create this ident. i had to take many different photos of slow movement of the clay, then i have cute them down and sped up each photo so it all links together well.

6. Employment laws

Employment laws:

Health and safety: 
Definition: Comply with requirements for safe equipment for training purposes and also using the equipment in the working area.

Example: set risks need to be assessed for all equipment such as Camera, lighting and any props used. 

Equal Opportunities:
is a stipulation that all people should be treated similarly, unhampered by artificial barriers or prejudices or preferences, except when particular distinctions can be explicitly justified.

Example: If a British, African and indian man all worked within the same company then they will all be treated the same with the same contract when the applied for the job.

Employment Equality (age) regulations:
 Its is a piece of secondary legislation in the UK which prohibits employers unreasonably discriminating against employees on the grounds of age.

Example: Retirement is at the age of 65
you can get minimum part time work at the age of 13
if you are 16-17 years of age you are entitled to a minimum wage of £3.72 an hour.

Employers Liability:
Compulsory insurance that protects employers in case of an employee getting injured illness or death caused in work place conditions.
Example. when building work is going on if one of the employees falls due to the scaffolding not being put up properly then the insurance will cover it.

Employee rights:
 All rights allowing fair workplace contracts and conditions.

Example: wage, how many days or weeks they can have for holiday.
also parental sickness and trade union.

Trade Union:
a trade union is an organized association of workers in a trade, group of trades or profession formed to protect and further their rights and interests

Example: when a association like metro bus employees feel as though they are not getting paid as much as they should then they would go on strike.

7. sky 1 case study

SKY 1 

How is sky funded?

Advertising; Sky TV advertises its channel to a range of different companies to promote its publicity for other people to start watching the channel. The channels sky provide can be bought by other companies for advertising slots.
Subscription TV: Sky 1 gets sponsorship from a variety of different brands and companies such as football. football isn't shown on sky 1 however it is shown on sky sports channels. these sky sports channels cost. people have to pay sky to watch these channels. if you have paid for sky  sports you will also have sky 1 as it is in the same deal. sky charge a fee of £21.50 a month for a range of 35 plus channels and also within that deal you receive 11 Free-to-air channels.
Online/Mobile: if customers already have a sky account they can log in online or on a smartphone to watch programs they don't want to miss. this is used for if someone is out and cannot get to their sky box then they will record a program using this method. sky television is mainly funded by different advertisements.  
Sponsorship: Sky have one main sponsor this is a British professional cycling team that competes in many different competitions.

The creation of the team was announced on 26 February 2009, with the major sponsorship provided by BskyB. The company were searching for a sport in which they could have a positive and wide-ranging impact through sponsorship. This  occurred in 2008 with a £1 million sponsorship.

Sky Ownership:
BSB( British Sky Broadcasting) a British telecommunications company that serves customers in the united kingdom. The company serve television and broadband internet. BSB was the countrys' most popular digital TV company until it was taken over by 'free view' in april 2007. in november 1990 by the merger of SKY TV and BSB, BSB became the UK's largest Digital subscription Television company. 

Target Audience:
The target audience market for sky includes everyone as almost everyone watches television! Therefore, it remains imperative to tailer sky marketing messages yo different segmented of the population. although the core audience remains the 'family fun', unit SKY, different features and benefits have different levels of appeal, so it is necessary to communicate these different options to the various target audiences. 

channel 4

Powtoon miss moore

Concept pitch/Treatment

Location Recce

Equipment list

Sony DSLR A50- We felt that this sony DSLr was a good standard camera for what we want to use it for. We will be going around London holding the camera filming little part of what we do throughout the day. the size of the camera was suitable and making it easy to use. 

Skateboard: The skateboard will be shown when we are at south bank in London. we are going to film people skating doing different tricks.

Apple Mac: The Apple Mac is one of the main pieces of equipment used throughout our music video. We shall be uploading all of our footage onto the apple mac and then we will use final cute to edit our music video.

Tripod: We shall be using the tripod a few times while filming up London to make sure we get a strong sturdy shot. The tripod will help us get a straight shot.


Character Profile:

Charlie Wheelhouse
17 years of age 
Studies Media and business at Ravens Wood school.
Year 13
6ft with long dark brown hair.

Kieran Mcwilliam
17 Years of age 
Studying Photography and media at Raven Wood school.
5ft 10 light curly brown hair

Molly Gibbs
16 years old
Studying Maths English and media at Hayes Secondary School 
5ft6 long blonde hair

Connor Foreman 
17 years old 
works in sales in london 
5f10 dark rorwn hair but wearing a bucket hat within the video.

Thomas Madkins: 
17 years of age.
studies Media and art at Ravens Wood school
Year 13
5ft11 long brown hair.

  •  The main actors will be behaving like they normally would, they are all very good friends and will be having a laugh acting normally. we want to capture a Normal realistic feel to the video instead of acting.
  • As a group we have decided not to have one main actor. We wanted to have everyone in the group of  'best friends' to play the same part all having the same amount of time on and off the camera.
  • We have chosen these actors due to the fact off the camera they are all very close friends even when the camera isn't rolling.  They still have a laugh and act exactly the same as they do when on camera

Camera Activity: 
 The camera will be rotated around the group having different camera men for different scenes as we want everyone to be in the video at different parts. we have chosen to do it this was as we feel it is the best way of showing everyone in the group. we wanted to make sure that not one actor will always be on camera.

Clearance Letter.

CODA House, 56 Compton Street,
Clerkenwell, London,
United Kingdom.

To whom this may concern,
                         I am writing to ask permission to use your music 'waiting all night'. Firstly before i start I would like to introduce myself,I am a BTEC media student studying at Ravens Wood School. For my first year at Ravens Wood I have been looking and learning about music videos, we have now been set a task to create our own music video. 

Me and the other students i am working with thought that your song 'waiting all night' would be the perfect choice for us, we are all very fond off this song and feel we can create a video good enough to impress you. we would love to have permission to use your song  due to the fact we have many ideas for it already. 

Our main idea is spending the day up London. we want to film a group of best friends having fun and spending time together up London  we would film this throughout the course off the day getting different clips of exciting activities we are doing. also we would film the scenery around us to engage our viewers, tying to make then feel like they are their as well  For this idea i and my peers thing that 'waiting all night' will fit very well with the concept as it is mainly aimed at the youth.

If you accept us to use this song, then we will be very grateful and send you our final product.I feel the video we will create will be very successful, due to the fact we have very talented editors and actors. I also feel that this could promote your song around my school and also out to many others relating to the school. 

Thank-you for having the time to read this letter and we will be looking forward to your reply. 

Yours Sincerely,

Tom Madkins   

Risk Assessment

Call Sheet


TITLE:           Rudimental Music video

PROD #:                                                                                                                         
SHOOTING DAY/DATE:       Saturday 31st May                                         
LOCATION: London Southbank

PRODUCER:  Tom Madkins

DIRECTOR:   Charlie Wheelhouse

ASST DIR:     Kieran Mcwilliam

NEAREST HOSPITAL:  Great Ormond street                                                                                                                                                        
PHONE: 01689348855              

CONTACT: Mrs Jones        

PHONE:      07456224534

 Tom Madkins
Charlie Wheelhouse
 Kieran Mcwilliam
Director of photography
 Connor Foreman
 Molly Gibbs
 12 pm    

 Tom Madkins    
 Charlie Wheelhouse
 Kieran Mcwilliam
 Connor Foreman
 Molly Gibbs

     Sony Camera
   Ravens Wood school
    01689 856050 
 Mr Jackson     
   Ravens Wood School
    01689 856050 
 Mr Jackson     
     Apple mac
   Ravens Wood School
    01689 856050
 Mr Jackson     

Director:Charlie Wheelhouse       

Production: Tom Madkins
Manager:Kieran Mcwilliam