Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Conventions of a news program

The codes and conventions of broadcaster in tv news

what do studio new readers/ presenters do.

-They conduct in depth research, identify and develop news stories of intrest.
- They edit and copy from other reporters or external news agencies.
- Write new bullitiens, links and assist in the production of scropts.
- Research and conduct interveiws with people in the studio or any other location.
- They provide breiefing to crew and contributions.

Personal and proffesinal attributes/skills do news readers need.

-Good interpersonal skills.
-Good communication skills.
-Editorial knowledge.
-Understand legal and ethical issues which affect journalism.

 Presenters apperance communicate to the audience.

-They shoould have a clean shave, neat, conservativehaircut.
-They should also be wearing a suit. this is proffesinal and respectable wear. it al;so comes across very smart. Presenters that arnt dressed or looking appropriate are not trusted as much and people will assume that what they is saying isnt true.

Contribibutions you expect to see on a news programn

-Experts - people will know that they understand what they are talking about.
-Witnesses - showing people it did happen and its not false
- Members of the public - one of us.

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