Monday, 25 May 2015

Interview Research

I have watched 2 interviews of my choice and then answered the question below. The 2 interviews i chose was: 

-Frank Skinner interviews Paul Gascoigne

-F1 Lewis Hamilton On The Graham Norton Show Full Interview

What is your favourite interview and why?
My favourite interview was Frank Skinner interviewing Paul Gascoigne. this was my favourite as 'Gazza' has always been inspiration to me, I have previously read his book at was very interested in how he would act and also how he would speak on camera or in the face to face situation. i enjoyed this interview more as i felt the questions could be serious but also jokey at times. Gazza answered the questions very well even with a bit of humor in there as well making it more entertaining.
What is your least favourite interview and why?
My least favourite was the Graham Norton interview with Lewis Hamilton. I only didn't like this interview as much as while watching it it felt it was more of a 'show' that an interview, even though questions where asked i felt they were question that have only been provoked recently also as there are 2 other people it takes away the heat from the person you want to see, however with the Paul Gascoigne interview it was question from all across his life and carrear  
What is the best question out of all the interviews you watched and why? 
The best question was when Graham Norton asked as question about how good Lewis Hamilton was with the Champagne spray at the end of a race if he has come on to podium. i enjoyed this as Norton wanted Lewis to show him how it was done and then for him to spray it into Graham Norton mouth. This was interesting as everyone has always wanted to do a champagne spray but not always sure how to.
And the worst?
 The worst question was in the interview with Paul Gascoigne, the question was how do you get along with referrers, even though the question was answered well i still think it was a silly question, no sportsman will agree with the ref, one way or another they will have made a bad decision towards that particular sportsman.
What is the funniest response? What question prompted it?
I felt the funniest was in Frank Skinners interview, he asked Paul if he had made burgers with cat droppings, but Paul then says he was mince pies and tell a story about how it happened and ho he fed them to, but one of his mates, said he wasn't going to throw it away it was the nicest tasting mince pie he has ever had. and Paul was going to bring them out next year with his new discovery.
What is the most emotional response? What question prompted it? the most emotional response was in Paul Gascoigne when Frank Skinner showed him the tackle of a high foot, Gazza then when on to say he wish he got sent off with that tackle as he would of been injury free, and then he goes on to say how he has had 26 operations all at very important times and if he didn't get silly injury's then maybe England's football history could of changed.
Who is your favourite interviewer? Why? 
Graham Norton is my favourite interviewer. He was my favourite as i felt he engaged with the person he was interviewing very well. He communicated well and which all the different questions and replies he got he was funny. he also kept control of the interview asking good questions and good times, only thing i disliked was having 3 people interviewed at the same time. but then this possibly gave the interview more atmosphere. 
Other interesting things you have found. 
Both the interviews I felt were very interesting, but the things within these i have felt are different to other interviews. The Frank Skinner interview has various different clips of things that have happened to Paul while playing football, this in some ways gave a hint to what the next question was going to be, i enjoyed this as it also gave a visual effect and helped some viewers engage with that he was talking about more. Within the Graham Norton interview i though it was very strange having three people on the same sofa while asking them one at a time different questions, however this did give more atmosphere and then more of a conversation. 

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