Wednesday, 1 October 2014

6.Charity Advert Research.

Help For Heroes:

Message from the advert:

  •  The first advert i have chosen is a very emotional, the way that this video is getting its message across i feel is different to others I've seen but also working just as well, they show little clips of the soldiers fighting and how they may have got their injury, then it shows different  injured soldiers overcoming the pain, working very hard getting support from the charity and achieving things they may not of achieved on their own. this show the determination of the individuals and then also their emotion once they have achieved this. 

Message of the adverts

  •  On this advert is different to my first, this shows how help the heroes started, the facts on what has happened. throughout the 4 minute clip it explains why they started the charity and what it means to them, the charity started off very small and after its first event they inspired many people to donate, it also shows clips of injured soldiers explain how much that this charity is helping them out.  the charity has grown massively and are getting and amazing income of £20-30 thousands a day and giving it to placed that need it most and support the lives of our injured troops. Simon cow also speaks and also inspires more people watching. 

Message from the advert

  • In the 3rd advert i have looked at there are some of the clips from the last, however the message they are trying to get across is different, the beginning explains why they have started the charity, but throughout the clip the they explain what they have done how they want people to help, why its good to help, also again they have injured soldiers talking, explaining how the injuries will effect the rest of their lives and how much the charity 'help for heroes' is giving them.

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