Saturday, 4 October 2014

8. Stop Motion Animation Formats

Clay Animation: This is one of many forms of animation each prop, character and scenery is made of a malleable substance which is usually plasticince clay. clay animation can be very difficult to mater, each frame that is taken will be of the clay character moving, however if it is moved to much or the clay is shaped differently due to it being moved then it wont look as realistic. Clay animator have many different pieces of the body for once character, such as the face, they will have several different heads with different expression on. this makes the filming process quicker due to the fact they will only need to change the head instead of changing one face all the time and getting the shape perfect.

Lego animation: Lego animation is also a very simple type of animation. this can be a very long winded method of animation but if done well it can be very effective, an example of this is the 'Lego movie'. the way Lego animation is filmed is also very similar to clay animation, there are many types of frames taken with characters and scenery moving slightly each time. Lego animators will also have many different faces and body parts to swap around when needed. this will mainly happen when a character speaks.

People and object animation: this type of animation is very hard to make a movie or short film. this method is usually used for adverts. the main character lays on the floor with a camera directly above with in each frame the character and scenery chance. this can have many type of illusions for the viewer. it can act as though the character is falling or driving a car due to the surroundings being moved across the floor.

Paper Animation: Paper animation is one of the cheapest animation. this is for low budget films or TV series. 'south park' was a paper animation. for a paper animation it is similar to others. each character has different arms and legs for the movement of the character, they have different mouths and eyes for speaking and different facial expressions they pull.

Sand Animation: sand animation is also known as sand art. for this type of animation an artist creates a series of characters and scenery using sand. this is doe by applying sand to a surface and then rendering images such as different characters by drawing lines and figures with a hand. To create a sand animation then they producer needs to use either  a overhead projector or lightbox. Animators move around sand on a backlighted or frontlighted piece of glass to create each frame for their animated films.

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