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2.Corporate Identity Theory

Corporate Identity Page.

In this essay I will explain and analyze the corporate identity theory of channel 4. I will explain the three different areas of corporate identity theory.  These are corporate design, corporate communication and corporate behavior.  These three different areas have their own aspects and meaning to the whole corporate identity theory such as the logo the colors they use, there advertising, internal values and ethos.

Corporate Identity is simply the way in which the public view a business/cooperation/firm, in terms of media, it may be how the public previewed the media firms. It is vital that all media firms all have a cooperate identity for various reasons. Such as for them to answer questions such as 'who are we' (as a company). It’s also essential for the companies to meet their set objectives and for the consumers to have a sense of belonging to the company, as the company has created an identity in order to gain a specific target market. They brand their company/project/film in order for it to be well received by the desired consumer, this is done with the extensive research and planning from the firm which have created a 'persona'. The media continues to have a huge impact on the corporate identity by reinforcing a certain 'representation' or 'image'

For the begging of my essay I will be explaining the corporate design for channel 4. Their main logo is designed and made up of different land scape to create the number '4'. They use many famous places such as Tokyo, so that people would recognize and show them how large and well known there corporation is. Their main logo is just black and white making it stand out and attracting viewers of all ages, however they use the construction and colors of the landscape and place them in the shape of the number 4 to show their creative side and how they are different. This is very different to other corporations, making it unique and exciting for the viewer.

  (Google images) these pictures show and demonstrate their logo and how the develop it on into their idents. The pic on the right is there ident from Tokyo. I feel that their main logo is string. It stands out due to the black and white effect. I also feel that the shapes they use mix and connect nicely with their ident images, making them connect and fit together, showing us the viewers it well thought out and clever.

For this paragraph  I am going to talk about the corporate communication of Channel 4 which consist of how they advertise and how they communicate and their relation to the public. Channel 4 have different ways to show who they are. They have many different types of idents which are a small clip with their land scape images of the number '4'. In these short clips they occasionally explain and tell the viewer a little bit of information about the next program that is about to be shown. Channel 4 also do their own news channel showing they know what is happening around the world and get involved. They inform people the different programs they show while advertising there corporation. Channel 4 also have brakes In between there programs and during, this is due to the advertising off different brands and organizations and also bring channel 4 more money to pay for the uses and make there corporation brighter and bigger than others. "You can now watch Peep Show on your mobile, Countdown on your laptop and even, should you wish, Channel 4 News on your XBOX"(4 viewers) this shows that channel 4 are wanting to become bigger, keeping up with the latest technology, understanding how people work and what they do. I feel that this as a good idea many corporations are developing every day, making it hard to keep up to date with the market place, money is always an issue but channel 4 is always keeping up and is amongst the big names of television.

For my second to last paragraph I'm going to talk about the corporate behavior on who they are and what they want to achieve.  Channel 4 want to be one of the most well-known corporation. They want to be bigger than everyone else. "It began to focus on the edges of the mainstream, and the center of the mass market itself" (Wikipedia) they started looking into things looking at ways to develop become bigger, they wanted to make sure they had what they needed to have to compete in the market place. I feel research is important in television as it has a lot of hard and challenging competition throughout the world. Without the research and development then they will be basic and boring. Channel 4 are different and well known for their idents. This catches the viewers’ attention of all ages and gives a better view on what they are all about. Channel 4 are a corporation for people of all ages. The show many different ranges of program's for children and the elderly. They have now got a '4 news channel' which also catches the attention of anyone of the ages of 12+.

 From analyzing all the different aspects of corporate identity theory for channel 4. I fell that channel 4 has developed very well over time and is in the right market place to compete with large corporations. Channel 4 has its own things that make it unique and stand out. They have used technology to develop and make it easier for viewer to use. They have a strong logo which stands out and strong idents that amuse many consumers.

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