Monday, 23 September 2013

music Genres

wihtin inie music i have notices various things.The artist or band are usually shown throughout the music video. The use of extreme close ups in the music videos were very popular. There was filming in a lot of dark locations and there was some use of special effects in the music videos. indie music has a small story. a single camera. it is normally dark and festival like. The term indie rock, which comes from "independent," describes the small and relatively low-budget Labels on which it is released and the do-it-yourself attitude of the bands and artists involved. 

Within the music video Feel Good inc, it is mainly animated however half way through the video they have different clips of the actual artist with the animated character just in front, each animated character represents one of the artists. The lyrics fit in within the what is being animated, e.g: 'windmill windmill' and animated windmill fly's across the screen.

Hip Hop:
within all Hip hop music they all involve either: money, cars, jewellery, drugs and lots of women. within these hip hop music videos the artist is the main centre of attention attention. There are many different camera angles involving the artist however there are mainly close up of the artist. this is demonstrating that it it is their song. they use multi cameras to catch the artist in different ways. Also looking at various different hip hoop music videos there isn't a main storyline.  
Dr Dre- Kush 
this music video fits in very well within the hip hop genre. This is a rap song however throughout the video there are many different aspects that fit in with this genre. there are many close up of the artists and clips of girls dancing money flying, flash expensive cars and drugs. Dr Dre is wearing various different jewellery implying he is rich but also a 'gangster'  not many other people are wearing jewellery so this implies that Dr Dre is the main artist and is the centre of attention. 

 I have looked at many different types of 'pop' music videos. they are mainly very bright and colourful. there are many close up of the art its singing due to either emotion of to show the viewer the 'beauty'. The videos are aimed towards the teenage audience and are very up beat. Even though within pop videos there are bands they are different  to indie and rock. this is due to in pop music videos, the 'group' don't play and instruments. they do q lot of dancing with bright colours being very up beat. 

One Direction- what makes you beautiful. 
i feel this is a very good pop video with 'boy band' one direction are very upbeat, the song they are signing has been written for them, however as they are very young and 'attractive', there are many close up of individual faces. they dance with girls and dance all in sync.  it is very bright and colourful attractive a younger target audience. 

within Rock music videos there is a lot of key things that i have noticed that make them unique from other music convention music videos. I have noticed that the music videos always show the main singer in the video. Rock music videos always show and tell a story. the band that are playing are always playing different instruments and are more like a 'band' this shows that the art its are very skilled and are good performers. also after seeing rock music videos i have notice that the lighting are very low and dark making its gloomy.
queues of the stone age.

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