Monday, 30 September 2013

My Top 3 NME Music Videos

My Top Three Music Videos. NME.

Lady GaGa- Telephone. 17
This video was 9mins 31 seconds. This video had a small story had to it. there was many different camera filming to get the effect of the dancing and capture the different types of clothes and brands  they was wearing. This video also had different photos of lady gaga with different costumes. this video is a main sex appeal for young middle ages people.  

 Fit But You Know it - 30
fit but you know it is a music video with a small story to it. it it recorded with low quality cameras, it is amunst the streets. it also has pictures that are played so it looks as though it is moving. this song is mainly rap. this song is for middle aged teenagers that look and watch what people do in everyday life.

The Scientist - Coldplay. 66.
This song is based on a story of a car crash. there's the main driver and two of her friends. the car crashes, then another crashes into them. the driver survives but her friends die. The song is played over the to of what is happening giving the mood and lyrics for what chaos has happened in the video. I feel this is a sad and upsetting video o as it can happen anywhere to anyone giving people a message.

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  1. None of your videos are working and there isn't enough analysis here for Pass Tom. You need to try this post again really.