Friday, 18 October 2013

Music Video recipe

This music video was released in 1986. It is called 'Bananarama' by venus. The music video was mainly of the artist, but dressed to the style of the 80's. the camera also sometimes went off the and did other mini clips of dark deathly things. this expresses what the lyrics are about and the personality of the artist and the song.  it exploded with flames and dancing, this is because there wasn't many special effects so they had to doing it first hand. Giving the video more impact and making it more exciting.

This music video was created in 1997. This is called 'Virtual Insanity' sung by Jamiroquai. The music video had one main camera. That occassinaly pointed up and down. Giving the video more effect and able to change the scene clevery and efficiently. The video was mainly based in a small white room with the main artist singing and dancing in dark clothes so he stood out. The white room  makes the artist look rich and big, white is a bright colour, with the main artist in in dark clothes bring him out making him bold. showing he's the main character, everybody should be looking at him.

Blink-182 created 'All The Small Things' music video in 2000. The video was based in several different places, going from scene to scene the group did something different. They danced and played there instruments to show the talent they had. The camera gave the video more effect and it moved around in the flow. This music video zoomed in and out to give it more effect, it shows the close up of the faces as well as the zoomed out camera shots. This is to exaggerate what they are wearing and also how they dance and move.

if the music and zoomed in and out. WHY??

'Dog days are over'  music video was created on the1st of December 2008 but Florence + The Machine. the video was different but you could tell and understand the story. There was backing dancers dressed in bright clown costumes, where as Florence was dressed in a long black dress so once again she stood out. there was many different camera around so it gave the video more effect. Making it more exciting to watch. there wasn't any instruments in this video but you could clearly see Florence singing.

Many things are found in various different music genres. many videos have lots of dancing. Many videos have different lighting to get different effects for the different type of song. The clothes varies to what genera it is. However Female artists give a lot of sex appeal, the attract men to watch there video from their dancers and what they are wearing.

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