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6. Research Proposal

Research Proposal

    From: Tom Madkins and Kieran Mcwilliam
    Date: 5/12/14
    Subject: Research Proposal.
    Proposed Research Topic:
    The reasons behind idents on television is because they are designed to give some sort of announcement as to what channel the viewer is watching. there are many types of indents however they are all related to the channel and the channels previous idents. Within channel indents the logo of the channel appears at the end, however while this is happening there can be a voice over before a program starts to either tell the viewer what is going to be broadcast-ed but also what may be on later on the same channel. indents are a visual stimulation so the viewer can identify what the narrator is talking about. The design of an ident can affect what sort of audience it is attracting. To what extent does the design impact on the target audience?
     The target audience for channel 4 is between the ages of 18-30 year old. I have found this information out through Google. I also researched what type of people would watch Channel 4 and also what genre of programs they broadcast that will be aimed at the target audience of 18-30 year old. I have created several surveys to hand out to people to get more information. These surveys will be aimed at channel 4 viewers asking them what they feel about channel 4 and if they would make any changes, if so why would they. The surveys will also help me understand why these people watch channel 4 and if the target audience could possibly expand.  

     My purpose for my channel 4 ident is to make sure the viewers are getting what they want. I will collaborate all the information together and give the current viewers what they want to see within the ident. However I also will use this information to try and expand the target audience either making it appeal to older or younger people.
     I will be spending many week trying to find different participants to help me gather what I need for this project, this will take roughly 3-4 weeks. I will then construct my crew and we will begin to create our ident. The reason for taking 3-4 weeks is that we want to gather enough information to be able to perform the best outcome. I will include many different people to gather my research. I will send my surveys out to 20 different people from various ages and genders. I will interview  around 15-20 individuals at various different times over the 3 weeks. I will also conduct several focus groups with 5 different groups.

     For the research of this process I have looked at many different things such as channels, surveys and conducted many interviews.  All the research I have collected over the past 3-4 weeks  will help me produce the best outcome for my ident. I have collected great knowledge of channel 4 idents researching the past and present indents to make sure I understand what the theme is. I have also looked as , how various idents are made, how they are edited and also why they are what they are, what indents are used when and why due to target audience. Collecting this knowledge together will allow me to make my ident very professional. I will be using professional camera and software. All sound and editing will be added in after making it more appealing to my target audience as I want to achieve channel 4 to have more viewers. i will go through many different stages to gather all my reasearch i need. For my surveys i will create them on survey monkey and then email them out to 20 different individuals. I ill them collaberate this information and put them into pie charts so i can cleaerly see the information. With my interviwes they will take place in Ravens wood School in a private office. I will ask the people im interviewing all the same questions. These interviews will take place for around 30 minutes each. with my focus groups i will conduct 5 of them. for each group they will be all the same age but different gender. these will all take place in the classroom. 4 of my focus groups i will ask them all the same questions and gather the feedback for each one. For my last focus group it will be a mixed age and i will use the information i have previously gathered to ask the questions.
     Time Table:
     Prepare proposal by: 26/6/2014     
Complete literature review: 20/6/2014
Complete fieldwork by: 24/6/2014      
Complete analysis by: 27/6/2014      
Give presentation on: 29/6/2014      
Complete final report by: 2/7/2014      

     The limitation i will have throughout this process will be if people decide not to fill in the surveys and not giving me the feedback. iIterviews can be limited due to the time allocated however for each interview i will give 30 minutes to conduct it. Within the focus groups if it is the younger age they may not take it as serious giving innapropriate feedback.


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