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21.Revised Proposal + planning.

Concept or idea

My advert is very simple but also very effective. A spark is lit, we then follow the spark through different landscapes such as a Forest, City scape, and  then finishes going trough a beach. The spark then goes up a volcano and stops half way up. The volcano then Erupts, the lava explodes and falls down the side of the volcano. The lava is then shaped into the number '4'.

There will be different types off noises for the  different locations we have chosen. For example the forest there will be noises such as birds and wind in the trees, for the city scape there will be people talking and car horns going off, then for the beach will be the waves braking and finally our last noise will be a bang for the volcano erupting. Our animation will be of the spark as i will be in a cartoon format.


The advert we have designed I feel will catch the audiences attention but also will be very relaxing throughout. when the volcano erupts  it will be exciting and different making the audience excited and interested, ready for the program that is going to be played.

We have chosen various location as we feel that they are very different to each other and very unique. Each location has it own personality, their own special features that defines and show them apart. Many things are linked and different in the world. The locations we have chosen all have different elements that go on within them.

Key Context.

Our advert will be around  approximately 15-20 seconds.
We will have many different locations throughout our ident. places such as a Forest, city scape, beach and a volcano.
Our main 'character' is our animation of our spark that is shown throughout 90% of the advert.
Our camera will follow the spark through the different locations we have chosen.
There will be different sounds for our different location. forest; birds and animal noises. City scape; car noises and horns. beach: waves braking. volcano; big bang.

Target audience.

 My advert will appeal to the ages of people from 14-40. this means that my advert with appeal to very young people as well as older people catching the eye and entertaining viewers of all ages.
 the genre of my advert is a bit of comedy with a Genre called 'slice of life'.
Our age target is around 14-40 year olds.
Our advert is aimed at both Male and Female.

I feel that this idea will be successful because it is different. It uses the concepts of other Channel 4 idents. takes there ideas and puts it all into 1. This idea is unusual and unique is has many different stages and ideas instead of using them separately we have put them together, condensed them down and made a different type of advert which can be changed into loads of different adverts in the future.
I feel this advert will catch the eye of many viewers, it is different to others, and I have taken past  questionnaires and used people of the public to get feedback to make my advert the best it can be. However I have still kept the main concept of previous channel 4 adverts and have put  it into my ideas and also put my own spin on it.
 I feel that my advert is very creative. there are many different things going on that all link with each other. There is also animation which I feel fits it with real life scenes very well. it is a quick and catchy advert making sure the viewer doesn't get bored throughout.

Rebranding Case Study

Itv Idents.


  Itv idents are things of everyday life. They have used things that people do daily and recorded certain parts and then added their logo into the left hand side of the screen while there ident is still playing. However they don't pick the boring people. They pick things that are exciting and things most people can relate to, bringing people memories back.

The ITV new logo is very impressive it is lower case. however there is no colour scheme. It blends in with the colour of either what program they are presenting or what colours are in there idents. They have made the shapes within the 'ITV' very well. They had produced them so when the colours are changed to fit in with the background the shapes still make it very clear and easy to read.

ITV have done this rebranding to connect better with their viewers, they want to make their relationship better and stronger. This will hopefully make itv have more viewers and be more appealing to the audience.

ITV website has all their different logo's, and also has an example on how it works. It has a new ident with the logo changing colour due to the colours in the background. They have briefly described why they have changed it and also what they feel will happen due to the fact they have changed it. They have also have a short explanation of what they have changed.

I feel that the rebrand of their logo is very successful. Its a different idea but has very positive feedback. It is enjoyable to look at as it isn't all the same, it wont get boring as the colour change. Also I feel it advertises the channels a lot better. It fits in well and makes it look like its all one, the logo fits in well and doesn't look as though it Is out of place.

 E4 New Ident.

E4 new idents are different to their old ones. Their old idents had a lot of random animation. They have kept the 'random' parts however they have put that random element into every life situation. They have taken parts of the way people live and put a twist into it they make it funnier and more interesting, showing the viewers what they want to see.

They have designed Effer like a human. he has the same logo but with arms, legs, eyes and a mouth. Even though he has got a mouth he doesn't speak. He holds a board and the information is written on the board. They use Effer like a normal human. He stands doing normal activities, however he is placed so the viewer can clearly see him.

E4 have decided to to bring back Efer since he was in his last ident in 2003. He is cheaper to use and produce idents with him. They also feel that it will be a good change to there idents and will make it more interesting and un expected.

E4 have got Efer on there website as a whole different link he has a large picture with a billboard that shows hes going back, however showing his personality but making him sound real ' weather you like it or not' meaning hes coming back and if you don't like him then tough. Its trying to make him sound real and large.

I feel that Effer isn't the best creations however the way he is used and the idents he is in are different and exciting to others i have watch. Your not sure what is going to be next, he plays a normal human roll which gives him more effect, he's amusing to watch and interesting as he's acting normal.

Channel Logo Analysis:

E4 logo:
This is the E4 logo there colour scheme is purple. This colour stand out to theirs its not to feminine and not to masculine, they have always used this colour. They have also combined the 'E' into the '4' this gives the logo more imaginative look, makes it more exciting for the viewers. I feel this logo is designed well as you can clearly see what it is and also catches your attention.
Target audience: I feel that this logo is aimed at a target audience of 12-28 year old. I have come to this conclusion due to the colour E4 have chosen and also the rounded shape can be a younger target audience however the sharpness of the 'E' is more aimed at a older age.

Channel 4 logo:

 The channel 4 logo doesn't have a colour scheme, other the years they have changed the colour of their logo. However the way the different shapes form the number '4' makes this logo very different. Its confusing but very clever. Also this logo stands out and you can clearly see what it is.
Target audience: I have decided that the target audience is aimed at a more older generation. people from around 25-40 years of age i have chosen this target audience as there isn't a colour scheme and the shapes used can be quiet interesting.

BBC One logo:

 The BBC One logo normally has a red background and a white font. this is a very  good and clever technique the red is bright and vibrant. It stands put. The white however also is very clear on a red surface. the 'BBC' Is in blocks this makes it stand out more. The 'one' is also larger than the 'BBC' but isn't in blocks. This is clever because as it is bigger you see it more. but a the 'BBC' is In blocks it catches the attention of the viewer more.
Target Audience: Having looked at BBC 1 logo i have decided that there logo is aimed at a older age group this is due to the fact in font choice and how it is positioned in the middle of a square red background.

ITV logo:
The ITV logo can have different colour schemes depending on the channel. However their main logo has various different colours. It had a bright vibrant blue that grabs the viewers attention, then the lighter blue draws the viewer across. The black give the logo more of a definition. I find it interesting how it is all lower case, however if it was in capitals then it couldn't be joined up as easy.
Target Audience: I feel that this ITV logo is aimed at all ages, the colours can catch the attention of older people and younger. Also the way the font has been chosen will connect with a younger generation as it is lowercase and joined together.

SKY 1 logo:
The SKY 1 logo has a very simple layout. You can clearly see the logo on the left hand side and then the vibrant blue behind the one stands out the most. This is in the middle of the logo and then the viewer rears off to the left which will then be easily noticed as SKY 1.
Target Audience: I feel that this target audience is aimed at higher age. This is due to the colours that are chosen and also the format in which this logo is laid out. It is very bold and clear however there are simple shapes.

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