Thursday, 19 March 2015

13. Evaluations of formats

Clay is easy to mold into different shapes

The clay is easy to move slightly without being able to see where the changes were made on the clay.

     If the clay  was a better character  and more interesting.
    if the background was more realistic and made the animation look better.

    I believe that we could use this as our format as clay is easy to would into different shapes making it easier to show a bomb being blown up. also with clay it can be broken so we can show and demo straight the injuries a soldier could get.

    The structure was strong so characters are easy to move small amounts.
The choice of characters was better and more interesting.

When shooting take more frames so the film was smoother and not as jumpy.
the idea wasn't realistic and was filmed to quickly.

Lego could work however it wouldn't be the best choice. Lego is the easiest to film as the structures are strong and easy to move small amounts however for our advert Lego will limit it s to what he are trying to show and stopping us getting the message we want to get across.

The flow of the actual animation ran smoothly.
the choice of the animation was simple but effective.
everything that needed to be in the shot was.

    The board pen was darker and easier to see. 
    If the board was in the middle of the page.
the whiteboard moved when drawing another part of the animations, would be better if we stuck it down in one position.

To be able to use this this format the pictures that are used have to be drawn very well so the viewer can understand what is going on. I feel if the images are drawn well then this format could be very effective and give a the viewers the message we want to give them.

Once the animation was put together it ran smoothly and worked well.
even though the camera moved it got everything within the shot that it needed to.
you can clearly see what the concept of idea was.

The camera was held in a solid position, using a tripod will prevent camera from moving.
the lighting within the animation made it look less realistic as the way the shadow was on the person you could tell he was lying down.
the main character stayed and only moved slightly when each photo was being taken. as you can see the change in position in the head.

This format will be very difficult to use for our advert. it will not work. we have to show many different scenes and within each scene there is a lot going on throughout. we will have to have several actors all under one camera which will be hard.

You can see the person waving understand what is happening within the animation.

Taken more time cutting out the character
havong more body parts so the character moves more making the animation longer and more intresting.
if the camera was positioned better.
having a better background.

Paper cut out can be very hard to do well. Each character has to be cut out well enough making it realistic. Paper will also be a very long winded method as mmany parts will have to be cut out and added to each frame as things move.

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