Thursday, 26 March 2015

set designs.

As we have many different scenes within our animation, this means that we will have many different set designs. our main sets within out animation are a car garage, car crash, hospital, training on a track, talking to coach, competing in the race, and also holding the medal at the end.
Here are the set design drawing for our Help for Heroes animation.
Here is the set design where the main character will be fixing a car in the garage this shows the trade the soldier has got and also shows she working and doing her job.

this is the car crash set design, this is where our main character will be injured ans then unfortunately have to retire from the army due to the injuries she had got within the car crash. 

This scene is where she will be told that she has to retire and will recover her injury's in the hospital.

this is where she has been training for the competitions.

this set design shows that she had overcome her injury and has won gold in the event she has been training for.   

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