Thursday, 26 March 2015

Character sketches

we have chosen  various different characters throughout our animation, we have thought carefully about who they are and also what outfit they should be wearing.

Our main character is a women that is in the forces. She is a mechanic that has served for her country in various operations,  we will have her in various different outs fits due to where she is, she will have mechanic wear, hospital wears, and also sports wears,

We have other characters that will been shown within our animation such as a doctor, paramedics, training coach, and competitors,

Doctor, this character will be shown when ??? Is in hospital being told that she will never be able to serve again, she has brain damage.

Paramedics, when ?? Has a crash at the beginning or our animation then the paramedics will come and help and assist the people in a crash. there will be several paramedics within the animation

The coach is another important character within the animation as he will tell ??? that he want her to compete in different competitions, showing that she has worked hard and has trained well.

colleges, these will be her work colleges to show shes part of an army unit 

Other Disabled athletes. these will be competing against her once our main character has trained and competing in events.

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