Friday, 14 February 2014

Advertising in music videos.

How has advertising been used in music videos?
advertising is being used in many different ways throughout music videos. over the years product placement has become more popular among artists, since music videos has moved on from only being shown on the television to being shown all around the world due to the internet. The overall paid product placement is shared with the artist of the song and also the label company. artist feel that product placement in their music videos will increase there income without making the video to boring and un-appealing to the audience so many people do watch it and see the products that are advertised.

Lady Gaga telephone, throughout this music video there is a lot of product placement, many labels have been shown clearly throughout the video, labels such as 'virgin', 'beats' 'ray bans' 'coca-cola' and many more. this are shown to promote the brand making it more well known and showing if these famous 'artists'/'idols' are using these brands then they should as well. 

50 Cent 
50 cent also uses product placement in his song 'window shopper' however instead of slyly showing the brands his song is based around 'shopping'. he shows what hes wants to buy pauses it on what the products is, writes a caption next to it telling the viewers what it is, he also shows the price, 50 cent is clearly showing the product and what it is and how also much it costs.

Jason derulo
 there is also product placement in jason derulo song "marry me" in this song he does designer labels of certain brands.

What impact has the idea of advertising had on Music Videos?
product placement and advertising in music videos has impacted many over advertising companies. MTV  was the dominant outlet for videos its policy prohibited blatant plugs in videos, so the network would often blur brand labels or ask for a new version without the placement. However Rio Caraeff, the chief executive of Vevo, the music video network started late last year in partnership with YouTube, said the company aimed to enable product placement in videos.

all the videos from product placement are from YouTube,this shows that YouTube doesn't blur out any of the brands that are shown,

however this is an example of MTV blurring out the labels that are being shown in the music videos as they don't want them to be shown. 

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