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Hype Williams - Music Director.

Hype Williams

Harold "Hype" Williams (born 1970), previously known as HYPE, is an American music video  and film director.Williams first displayed his work by tagging local billboards, storefronts, and playgrounds using HYPE as his graffiti tag. "That's probably what stimulated my interests in colour," he says. "I wanted to be Basqiator Keith  Harring of the streets."
Williams has created a number of music videos for many artists. In 1998, he directed his first and so far his only feature film to date, Bely starring rappers NAS and DMX, the film released by artisan Entertainment. In 1999, Williams signed a two year overall deal withNew Line China to produce and direct feature films.Directed Aaliyah in her final music video, "Rock the Boat," which was completed several hours before her tragic death in a plane crash.

Nickname "Hype" comes from his hyperactive nature as a child.He is a director and writer, known for belly (1998), the game- documentary(2005) and  the will smith music video collection (1999).
A signature style used by Williams throughout the vast majority of his videos (shot mostly with cinematographer John Perez) was the Fisheye lens which distorted the camera view around the central focus. This was used by the tandem Williams/Perez in "Gimme some more" by busta Rhymes and "the rAIN 9SUPER DUPPY FLY)" by missy elliot; however, it was dropped by 2003, when he experienced his lowest level of production activity since the beginning of his career as a music video director.
ince 2003, Williams has adopted a signature style combining a center camera focus on the artist or actor's body from the torso upward and a solid color background with a soft different-color light being shown in the center of the background, so as to give a sense of illumination of the background by the foreground subject. This has been displayed in "Gold Digger" by Kanye West, "Digital Girl" (Remix) by Jamie Foxx and Beyonce's "Video Phone".

what his videos look like.

thorough out Hype Williams life he has produced many types of music videos, however he does have a theme to his work, while studying his work i have noticed that there are similarities within his work. the main thing i have noticed is that throughout is the set seems to be in a made to look like its a club, there are many people dancing with the main singers at the front doing there own  thing. the clips change between artists. there are many bright lights but also can be very dark due to the 'club' like atmosphere that has been set. 

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