Friday, 14 February 2014

Purpose of music videos

The purpose of a music video is for many different reasons  such as showing talent or advertising many different types of products.

Music videos have many things that happen within a short time, they don't always satch the artist or how well they can sing they can be maily based on dancing advertising clothes the fashion side of music videos, or the locations they are filming, if the location is shown to be a nie area or the editing makes it look attractive then more people will visit they will want to go their however if thr location is shown to bea 'dump' then people wont be attracted to it, they wont visit and business will run out in it, people have to film carefully and show things do it doesn't offend people. Music video also always want to promote the song as much as they can, what goes within the video helps them promote this as it can make the song more appealing and catchy.
some videos can be very boring and cheap to make, however these can be very effective they are made and designed just to show how talented the artist is, they don't have dancing or different clips, they just concentrate on the artist to show the audience that they are very talented.

an example of a 'talented' artist is ed sheeran, his songs are mainly of him playing his guitar singing his own written songs, the purpose of his videos is to show his audience that you don't have to have a video to make it appealing, the emotion is within the artist, showing what he can do without going 'over the top.

Jason derulo 'talk dirty to me'. this video has purpose of promoting its song, there is lots of editing in the video, this advertising the company but also makes the video more appealing,,the artist dances a lot and has many females, this is the sex appeal, the purpose of this is to get more people (male) to watch the video, jason also wears many different outfits, the purpose of this is to advertise the fashion, show off what he is wearing many other people want to wear and buy it. also near the end of the video it has 3 type of bottles, this isn't anything to do with the dancing exploding of the music itself its their for advertising hoping people will see it and want it.

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