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Jar Off Hearts

Jar Of Hearts.

- this music video had close up on the faces. this was to see they facial emotion of the singer Christina Pirrie and the actors in the video.
- Christina Pirrie was the main focus point. she was always in the camera showing its her song and she's the one singing.
- when the key lyrics were sung, the camera would zoon in and do close up on the faces. again this is to show the emotion, but it is to be able to see what she is singing as well as hearing.
- the camera also fades in and out, also to create the sense of emotion.

-there are many things happening in the background there are different elements in different parts of the vieo to capture different things.
     - mist:this is to show the weather the mist fades out the background making Christina stand out more.
    - raining: the rain gives the video emotion. rain is uncomfortable. makes everything wet and sad. rain gives the depressing sense.
   - dancers: the dancers are very aggressive and elegant. they dance in the mist. this shows more emotion more meaning behind the lyrics.


- the editing in the video shows what is happening showing us what we could not see. you can see the soul is getting taken. there is no heart, however as the video goes on.
- the lighting changes. this helps to also show the emotion. at the beginning it is very dark but towards the end it gets lighter, showing she's getting her own back.
- the pictures slightly fade as it changes scene, this is to further the emotion but make it also act like a dream.


- not all of the lyrics was interpretive,
- there was main

Ed Sheeran - Thinking Out Loud 


-throughout the filming it has many different angles of the two people dancing, they capture the movement within the dancing to show and represent the lyrics
-Ed Sheeran and the dancer are the main focus point within the video, Ed Sheeran song is a voice over however the movement of the two who dancers act out what is being said. This makes  the lyrics more dramatic and emotional. 
- when a main sentence is said the movement of the dancers is slowed down this is so that the viewer concentrates on what is happening but then is also listening closely to the song.


-within this video there isn't much going on in the background the room they are dancing in is a very large almost royal room however the camera does glide past a large chair with candles,
-lighting, there are lights in the corner of the room, however these are aiming towards the dancers, this like aims the viewer to look at what is happening in the middle of the screen due to the way the lights are set up.


-thereis not much editing within the actual video however they have cut it down and added different filming clips together to give the video more impact, this mainly happens when the two dancer have a big change in position or the movement is the top half of his body then another camera would be filming and they would edit it so it cut from one to the other. 


the lyrics to the song were  emotional, and meaning full 


The One That Got Away

- there are many close ups within this music video of the faces showing the different emotions that are happening.
- there are slow frequent zooming in onto the main artist at it gives it more effect giving the viewer more time to read and see the emotion on someone face 

- there are a lot of facial shots of the actors and artist but this is to see what they are saying and also to show and try and put across what they are feeling.

- within this music video it start with the what is happening now and then it slowly fades to past memories, this is showing what had 'got away'.
- The present shots are all very white and plain showing that their is not much left after what has happened in the past
- In the past shots their are very full sets with things going on even though it is all very dark
(showing a dark past but empty present)

- there is a lot of fading out from one clip to the next, this gives it a more of a dramatic effect as it fades from one emotional face to the next
- there is also split screen so the viewer can see the full body shot and how they are acting as well as the face and emotion on the face this is for an intensity of the piece.

- Love story going bad
- Heartwarming

- Emotional

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