Friday, 14 February 2014

Technique analysis

shot 1

we have used the camera side on to the actors running we have then ran along side them with the camera until it gets to the end of the scene and we let actors run further on capturing what is happening

shot 2
we have filmed the actors full body zooming in on the skills showing what he is doing,allowing the player to get closer to the camera to show hes traveling at pace, we then zoomed out to see the player and the goal.

shot 3
 we moved the camera from one player to another shoeing the 'team-work' then they com together and celebrate.

shot 4
 we zoomed in the top half of the actor and then we zoomed out slowly as he walked towards us showing hes getting closer but still following him.

shot 5
 we zoomed in on the actors face telling us his facial emotion and also what he is saying and it is very important.

shot 6
we zoomed in on the 'name tag' being handed over to the other person to show the story what is happening and what the scene before was, what he was saying.

WWW: WE followed the same storyline as the music video 'starting from the bottom'. even though we couldn't capture it in the right environment we felt we still copied it right

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  1. U29 LO2

    Working towards a Pass

    Next step will be to give extra detail in to how you have used the techniques, focusing on using the correct terminology. (See VCOP Blog)