Thursday, 15 January 2015

Ident design and purpose

Screen tempo
In this bbc one ident the hippos are swimming in a circle. This gives a very slow screen tempo due to the hippos moving at a slow pace. However within this ident there is also a fast tempo, this is the fish that swim fast across the Middle of the ident. The hippos swimming in a circle is the main focus point. Hippos swimming in a cirlce can be boring to watch so they have introduced a hippo swimming up on the right and then another hippos swims down making it more interesting for the viewer.

Space and time:
Studying the time time of idents they vairy. From at least 15-30 seconds. However the E4 ident is normally around every 30 seconds. E4 show this ident after every program they show on there channel.

Information and entertainment led:
Throughout channel 4 ident they don't give any writen information, it is all spoken and there isn't much entertainment throughtout. They are all usually a '4' created in different ways using natural forms. They are normally floating which give the viewers a bit of entertainment however they may show the scheduling of the shows at the end of the ident.

Interaction with viewers
In many ident they can have voice overs. These voice overs will be a person talking either about the program that is about to be shown or in some cases programs that will be shown later on that channel. Within some idents  they can sometimes have pictures and writen titles of what is going to be shown next.

Density of information.
Wishing this E4 Ident I have noticed a very low density of information, and only
Shows information once the ident has finished, however it also can sometimes have vocal information about programs while the ident is still being played.

The branding of the bbc one has alway been the same as they have always used a circular movement or shape. They use kites and hippos and even people, they make these things move in a circular movement and within the cirlce that has been created they put their BBC one logo inside.

Packaging and repackaging:
The packaging and repackaging of in when s channel changes their logo to s more recent and improves the logo and for the people to remember more. For example in the itv logo there has been a lot Of change, it has changed from just yellow with black font to a more multicoloured joined up font. This is because each of these logos are shown on different channels.

Segmentation within scheduling.
Ident scheduling is between, before and after programs are shown. They are sometimes shown as a shorter version in the middle of thhe adverts if the programme is a longer period.

Marketing is how the channel promotes their programs and their selfs by advert everywhere. For example channel 4 marketing overseas each element of the marketing campaigns for the programs. This will include on-air trails, posters/press and also as campaigns, digital and online marketing, events, competitions and brand partnerships.

The identity of a channel is due to many factors such  logo backgrounds indents colour font and many more. The identity if E4 is their logo which has the e that is inside the 4. All of theirs ident shave many different fantasy things and can be confusing, however they have a main colour scheme which is purple these all are the identity of E4 and these factors of E4 is what many people remember.

Scheduling is when the ident has be scheduled in to be played. Idems can be before, after or even shortened for the adverts in the middle of a program. Most idents like BBC one show their ident before a progrm is on and also they will narrate what programm is about to be shown.

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