Friday, 30 January 2015

self assessment and client feedback

In our powerpoint, we had to persuade to the audience what we are hoping to invest in from our ident, what we feel our ident can bring to the channel and why our ident is the best for the channel. We explained all our ideas and narrowed them all down to a final idea. We explained how we put all our ideas into one final idea.


  • The idea of putting all ideas into one idea
  • The storyboard was nice and clear. Easy to understand
  • How we explained our sound choices and why they fit in with the ident
  • The way we researched the best technique to create an ident
  • Putting all ideas into one, could be too long for an ident
  • Some scene from scene switches may not make sense (Beach to a volcano (We had to re-evaluate the scenes)
We were pleased with the feed back we received from the class. The only thing we was a bit disappointed about was how we didn't carefully think through about the change of scenery and if they would make sense. The feed back has helped us to improve out ident and actually make our ident the best possible and into the time frame of the ident of 20seconds.

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