Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Directors task

Williams was born in Queens New York and is of African and Honduran descent. He later attended Adelphi University. Williams' big break came when he began working with Classic Concepts Video Productions. Lionel "Vid Kid" Martin & VJ Ralph McDaniels created Williams' first opportunity with the "Filmmakers With Attitude" moniker (FWA), which was Williams' first video company. (wikipedia)  

Hype Williams had a specific style when filming music videos. This style was to use a fish eye camera lens which distorted the camera view around the central focus. This has been used in artists videos such as busta rhymes. Another  style involves placing shots in regular widescreen ratio, while a second shot is split and placed in the upper and lower bars. This is a technique often used by Hype which allows his videos to be dynamic, multi diminutional as opposed to having static camera angles. These styles used by Hype are used in more than one genre as they ad good effect to every video. Hype doesn't specifically work with a certain artist. He works with many other artists, but tends to stick to hip hop artists as hip hop is what he knows best. A good example of the styles he uses is in Missy Elliots video the rain.

In all of hype williams' music videos he is conventional. In hip hop music videos we would expect to see lots of close ups, money, girls and bling. Hype williams certainly shows this in his music videos. We especially see a lot of close ups in his music videos because this is where he mainly uses his fish eye technique because it makes the artist the centre of attention.

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