Thursday, 15 January 2015

Justification of final idea.

Our final idea is what we feel will be a our most effect ident. We originally came came up with 5 different ideas, we then developed 3 of those 5 ideas on further. We developed them on to have a more detailed understand of the different ideas we could have for our ident. We eventually chose one of the 3 ideas to then be our final idea. We would produce this idea into an ident. 

Our chosen idea was one we can develop into other ideas. The ident started with a man lighting a spark, the spark then traveled through many differnt locations, we chose for it to travel through s forest which is where the spark will start off, then travel through a big open field and then the viewer would then get the feel of how fast the spark was going and finally It would reach mountings where the spark sill travel up into a volcano. Once the spark has entered the top of the volcano the mountain will explode, it will erupt with lava flooding out the top. As  the lava travels  down the sides of the volcano it will skip parts of the rock as the lava shapes round the rock surface it will create the number 4. 

We have chosen to do this idea as we feel it is our strongest, it is very imaginative and exciting, even though with channel 4 indents there's not always lots of entertainment we feel that this ident with give a bit of entertainment but will still understand the concept of channel 4.we feel it will engage with the viewers.  Instead of The number 4 having natural forms floating, we have stuck with the natural forms but used lava down the side of a volcano to capture to same 4.

This ident we feel will be animated with play do and clay. We chose to use these materials as they are easy to use and can be moulded easy. As we are creating this ident in a classroom environment, we thought it would be hard to capture a real life volcano erupting, this is also another reason for choosing to use clay. We can easily mould the eruption using Istop motion to capture the lava falling down the side of the volcano. We can mould the lava around the artificial volcano to create our channel logo. 

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