Thursday, 15 January 2015

Development of ideas

Through the process of making my channel 4  Ident I have come up with many different ideas, I have stuidied channel 4 previous indents and help that to come Up with my own ideas. I have already had 5 different ideas but I have decided to develop 3 more on further.

Two  of my ideas have a spark that is lit and then goes on a 'journey'.
My first idea:
For my first idea I have a spark that is lit in a construction sight, the spark slowly
Travels through the construction sight and then go though a city, the city is dark however there are cars driving and people crossing the road like normal day life. The spark them enters a building and at then everything is lit up, every light in every building, however the lights then fail. The camera zooms out and the only lights left on in the building creates the number '4'. We have developed this from it being a powercut at first and then going straight into the lights turning back on, we wanted our ident to be longer and more interesting, then that when we decided we wanted to add the construction site and city.

My second idea:
Our second idea was still a spark. A man lit a spark in the woods, you would also again see the spark travel through many different locations however this time it would travel through a forest ca putting the trees and animals, it will then travel through s field, is is to you can get an idea of how fast the spark is traveling, once if has made it to the mountains it will travel up a volcano, it will go inside the volcano and once this has happened, the volcano will erupt, lava will be exploding out of the volcano and crashing down the sides, we wanted to incorporate the lava into the creation of the logo appearing as it will be like channels 4 theme of natural forms. As the lava is flowing down the sides of the volcano the will mould round rocks. Once the lava has moulded round these rocks it will create a number 4.

My third idea:
For my third and final ident idea I decided to not use a big spark, however I have still used what looks like a fuses. There will be many buildings, the ident shows the building then goes down to ground level, the camera will find the fuse and then follow it backwards to where the fuse will be lit. Soon as the camera makes It it will be lit following the small light half way down the fuse, it only follows it half way due to the fuse continuing on and then blowing up all of the buildings. After the smoke has clearned and all rubble has settled the camera will float over the top of the ruins. As the 4 glides over the rubble it will see a number 4 emerge but once it has own to much over it then4 will disappear. This fits in very well with the corporate identity theory.

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