Tuesday, 6 January 2015

News vs Documentary

Within the news and documentary there are some similarities, they both tell people information about a certain topic. however there are many  differences, for example:

Within news programs the information told is what is happening around the world at the present time, they will report new news every days however there are some cases where they do refer to the past however this will only occur if it is an anniversary of that particular. also it may occur when someone that was involved in that even has died or been caught in the news for other reasons.
In news reports they have to dress very smart look straight into the TV and talk very clearly and strong. also, the information told will be narrowed down and said in just a couple of minutes.   
journalist from the news wont take long collecting the information they will interview possibly a few people but wont be in depth and will only be a few people.

A Documentary is different to the news the information normally told in a documentary will be found and discovered over many years then told whenever, the documentary will have the information spread out the whole episode or even the series, it will still be clear to the viewer due to it normally being narrated over the top of what footage is being played. the filmmaker isn't normally caught on camera, but if he is then he will be wearing whatever is appropriate for the situation, this is due to the fact he is working and at the time he may only be talking to one or 2 people not the whole world. In a documentary as well the film maker will interview many people over a certain period of time or film certain things over a long period, this also gives very good perspective when showing the documentary as it people witness what they are being told about instead of it being a man or women in a suit.

In Both: Archive Footage: this is where other footage that has been taken by someone else  will be shown within a clip. Archive footage will mainly been shown within news if what they are currently showing relates to a historic event, they will take clips from this historic event and will show it to the audience explaining what is happening. In documentary's archive footage is very common to be shown. as within documentary's it is mainly about one subject so the filmmaker will use all kinds of footage from past and present to display the feel for the subject.  

Voice over interviews: Documentary's will have various voice overs but the main is narrative, they can narrate different facts over the top of different footage. Also within documentary's  different kind of interviews. They will all be displayed in different manners, the interview could be played over the top in a voice over from or either just shown on the screen. In News Interviews don't occur as much, journalist will be shown explaining and stating facts on what they have discovered, however they will occasionally ask either a member of the public a few question or even a high up employee of  a company or business that has been looked into.

Text: Text will appear on documentary with different facts. facts will appear n the screen in text format. within a news program there many bee all kinds of different kinds of texts such as stating who someone is, or having the topic area titled what location it is being filmed in and also the time. 

Sound: Documentary will emphasize sound, making it boulder and louder, also adding special sound effects. sounds will draw the reader into the footage more even making it more dramatic. news doesn't really have many different types of sound, however it may before and after the program.

Dramatization: This will is used in both documentary and also news. Within documentary sound will be emphasized with mainly only bias clips making it very clear on the point the film maker wants to make. facts will be enlarged with even some being voice overs to really get the the interviews, different effect will be used to give the clips more emotion. However within news it is mainly the journalist, the way the present emphasizes what is being told making it more dramatic, their tone in voice and also there body posture and how they move while speaking.

Realism: realism is where the genre of the documentary can relate to many people. such as super nanny, this is relates and everyone has a family. Realism connects with the viewers more. it showing the viewers the effect of different topic areas. they have to take everything into account for, such as costume due to the era that they want to show, everything has to be 'real' to set the right mood. 

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