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10. cv

Thomas Madkins 

 [D.O.B 30/07/1997]
40 peets wood road, Orpington, kent Br5 1Lb 

My name is Thomas Madkins i am a dedicated and hard working individual, i am looking to become a radio presenter, i love to chat away, i enjoy working with various differ people and will always be nice and get along with them. i will without fail make as much time for my work as i need, working overtime or even extra shifts,  .
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    Easy to talk to 
    Good team worker

 West End, London       

         Big high end show presenter. – i have worked over the years with various different people however my previous job i went up on different stages infront off thousands of people and presented different activities during a interval of a high end show, i needed to be confident and not run out of things to say being creative and being confutable and very casual. 

     made many people want to come up on stage face their fears and have a laugh, getting people involved.

Bromley football club, Bromley, Kent.                 

commentator at local sports ground – i had to commentate on local sports events that was happening in the stadium, i had to do a lot of outside work memorizing names and faces off different players. & whom you reported to.  With some employers you will have been in more than one role, which should be shown like this.
·       Bromley
·       Kent

Graphic Design Company, London.

Within this i only did 3 months work experience, however within the 3 months i have learn how to use many different types of technologies and how to create new things, i have designed many posters, and also leaflets for different companies. i have had many positive feedback from these different companies and also some criticism, however i have taken this on board and learned from my mistakes. 

     ·      commentator at a local football & rugby  team, i found this job very fun as i got to show my passion for what i love and also have my opinion as well as taking and thinking of other people.
My best experiences is being a presenter and west end, i have had come across many different situations and audiences, each time i go up onto the stage i learn something new.
within Graphic design company i had learned how to use many types of computer equipment.


·  Chartered Engineer (CEng)

·  Member of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (MIM)

· Bournemouth: Radio degree,  Graphic Design

 · Ravenswood SChool: A-levels in media, english language & Theology & Ethics  plus   

English A*

Science A
Maths A
Theology & Ethics A*
Geography A
French A
ICT D*(A*)

Date of birth: 30-07-1987

Status: Married, 2 children
Nationality: English
Driving licence: ??? (Include HGV, PSV, Fork Lift, etc.)
i play football 2 twice a week and then i also enjoy doing charity work with my partner once every other month.

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