Monday, 5 January 2015

Story Ideas

Within my group i have thought of 3 different ideas for a documentary.

My first idea - The difference between non league football and professional football.

The reason we came up with this idea was down to the fact 2 members of our group play non league football. we have also spoke about the different condition that we play in and our passion or the sport drove us to think also about how different professional football is to what we play. there are many differences such as the quality played, the money involved, as they get paid to play and non league some teams the player pay the club, also the conditions and environments, professionally if it rains the pitch can be drained or if it snows the pitch can be heated, non league the game will just be called off. also i feel the most important factor is how the players act, professional players are very 'professional' in what they do, they are mostly on TV and if not they have a very large crowd, they have to be sensible and 'controlled'. non league even if there are family watching you can get away with a lot more making the game possibly more dirty and unsportsmanlike. we would interview ex player as see what they felt while playing professionally and also non league players and what they think of the game.

Second Idea- Life of a Sixth former.

We came up with this idea due to the fact all of our group go to sixth form. when discussing this we figured out that for some students life can be very different. there are many factors that depend on this such as how many subjects they do,what sort of friends they have, family etc. we thought that everyone is different but all study at the same school. we want to find out how hard they work at school and if they do what motivates them or if not what is holding them back, we want to capture them in school doing things they would normally do in everyday life and compare different people to see what they get up to and also if they are a lot different to each other discover why there grades at the end of the year are similar or different. we will interview 3 different student, one will be a female student that gets on with their work however still has a social, another will be a male that doesn't work hard and rather a social than to do work. the last person we are going to film will be head boy of sixth form he works very hard to get his work done and get the best possible grade.

Third Idea - the difference between being 18 and 17.

we came up this this last idea and we thought it was a main topic area with teenager around this age, in the UK and many other places around the world at the age of 18 you are an adult  and can do anything they wish. however at 17 the main thing that becomes legal is driving. during the year many friend ship groups have people that are old in their year or young people are turning 18 throughout the whole year, we want to find out how much better life is now that they are 18 but then is it a downside being older than everyone as all their friends are still 17 they don't have anyone to go clubbing with. we also want to find out if being a 17 year old is challenging when your friends are turning 17 and are going out and they cant go. also we will discover many 17 year old get away with being 17 but yet still get let into the clubs and get treated like an adult. we will interview people that are old in their year and have turned 18 and also people who are very young and still are 17 while all there friends are  turning 18

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