Thursday, 4 June 2015

Annotated Screen grabs

This is the first step of creating my animation. I have gathered all the pictures I have taken and then imported them all onto the editing software 'final cut'. I have put each photo in order to create my stop motion animation video. this will be shown when i hit play, however there is still a problem. The animation is shows each photo for a log period of time.  

My animation is slow due to each picture to be shown for a too long of a period. to make my animation flow better i had to change the duration of each clip. once i selected all the clips, i changed the duration to about one 8th of a second. this made my animation run a lot smoother and give it a good flow. 

Now that my animation run smoothly and looks like a video. I wanted to add different sounds effect to go with what is happening within the animation. i added various different sound effect such as footsteps, car skid, explosion, car door shutting. i have put these sound effect in to give a better understanding to the viewer on what is going on. 

I added various different sound effects but some had to overlap each other. Such as the park scene I have birds singing, footsteps and also a dog barking. I have added these three sounds effect in as I wanted to show and give a realistic sense to the location.

I have put in many different sound effect to give the sense of what is happening and where it is happening. But I also want to give more emotion within the animation, so i have decided to add a sad moving music at the start to set the mood for the animation and then to finish it of throughout my last couple of scenes i wanted to give a better emotion, setting the mood That help for heroes does a good job.

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