Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Documentary Diary Log

10th October 2014
My original plan for my documentary was to use the schools head girl to base my documentary on, as Estelle (head girl) on how joining the school affected her and how she managed to find a way to make a impact on the school for her to become head girl. Unfortunately when asking Estelle she did not want to take part so I will go back to thinking of doing a life as a sixth former to see if there is any way of doing that.

20th October 2014
Today I showed my documentary idea to one of the other media teachers just to get their opinion on my documentary, I was told that adjusting the idea would be best or change the idea completely. I felt that because I had planned the documentary so much it would be a shame to chuck it all away and start all over again so I have stuck with the idea of "Life As A Sixth Former".

11th November 2014
Over the half term I have been looking at different ideas for my documentary. Originally I was working on my own as of today I have had Tom and Kieran join my group for extra help and ideas. I am now definitely stuck with the idea of doing life of a sixth former, this is going to involve watching a sixth former and how they are in the environment, how they work and how they interact with their friends throughout school. When interviewing them we will do it in the common room when it isn't busy and so you can have a good distinctive sound from the students and set the scene of where they are.

25th November 2014 
The last week we have been getting all of our footage together so that we can edit our documentary properly so that with all the footage we have captured we can make our documentary into something interesting and something people want to watch.

2nd December 2014
Today we started editing our documentary and because we are starting to edit we need to make sure we have all the right clips that we need in order to be able to make the documentary as good as we can make it. Currently the documentary has potential but we need to make it as good as we can so that when we make our final adjustments we will be able to know exactly what we want to do so that it won't take as much time and it will be much easier.

15th December 2014
Today we filmed a bit more of Jade and Ollie because we felt we needed more following on them so that we could have more footage so that we would have more than enough clips to choose from for our editing.
After today of filming we have uploaded the footage on to the computers so that we could continue to edit our final bits of footage.

6th January 2015
We have started to add different clips to our editing so that we could make the documentary more interesting and so that we could add more information to the clips. We have decided that at the beginning that we will have a voice over to describe what the documentary is briefly about in order for the audience to get an idea.

14th January 2015
We are in our final bits of editing, today we went to re-shoot our clip of the school sign so that it is a clearer shot, we chose today because it wasn't as bright outside we knew that there wouldn't be a glare on the school sign.

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