Thursday, 4 June 2015

Copyright Research

What is Copyright?
Copyright is essentially a legal document which allows you to protect any idea or creation you have come up with. This "Protection" will stop people having the right to take your idea and use it as theirs or use your idea freely (such as songs or video footage). Copyright tends to be given to the originator for a fixed number of years.

How can you use Copyright?
You can use copy right to protect any valuable work that you have created yourself to stop other people from either using it or claiming it as their own. For example if you create a song and someone else hears it and use it, they can claim ownership of that song. However if you place copyright on that song you have created, no one can legally take that song and claim it as their own apart from the person who originally created it.

Types of Copyright?
You can receive copyright for many different types of media such as:
- Books
- Film/Video Footage
- Music
- Photographs
However the copyright holder also has the right to sell their creating to another company, for example  Dr Dre who created "Beats" recently sold his creation to Apple which gains them the right to feely sell the Beats product and make a profit from it legally.

Copyright within Adverts?
Adverts will usually have a copyright to simply stop other companies from stealing any ideas or creations that other companies may produce. An example for this could be "Compare the Market" their adverts features a loveable Meerkat whom is well known for the Compare the Market/Meerkat adverts, however if another company creates a car insurance advert also using a talking Meerkat, due to copyright reasons Compare the Market could sue the other company for illegally using their idea to make money.

Copyright within Film?
Films will always have a copyright, this is simply because of the popularity in illegal film downloading also known as "piracy". Films if successful can make Billions of pounds, therefore it is extremely important that the footage shown and created within the film is copyrighted to prevent anyone from using the footage at their free will to potentially make their own money from it. Again if caught illegally using copyrighted footage, you can receive a huge fine and in some cases receive a prison sentence.

Copyright within Music?
New music is being produced and released every second of every day. Even though copyright isn't as important for those who are just starting out in the music industry, mega stars such as "Jay Z" and "Ed Sheeran" create songs which will then create a huge amount of money, sometimes millions. This then means any song/music idea they come up with or create MUST be copyrighted to prevent anyone using their song ideas to create their own and make their own money from it. There are still court cases being brought up to this day by song writers which create a song over 20 years ago and claim that people are copying their song now, this is a common problem which can sometimes end in a artist receiving a large fine for breaching copyright and essentially stealing someone else's song.

How does this link with my animation?
Due to the fact that our animation is an advert for a charity, if this was a real life scenario we would need to get the animation copyrighted to stop anyone else from copying our idea that we have created.

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