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Documentary research

What we Are Filming it on:
Our documentary is called 'A life of a sixth former' we are going to film 3 different students that study at Ravens Wood School. These 3 students all do different subjects and have different lifestyles in and out of school.

Who are we filming:
We will be filming various different things they do around school, such as talking to others, walking to and from lessons, working wihtin the lesson, and other things they do within a day at Ravens Wood.

Tyler Lewis-Kilden : Tyler is Ravens Wood school sixth form head boy. Tyler does 4 A levels studies hard and only goes out at the weekend if he has the time. He's a dedicated student that has a worked hard through his time at Ravens wood. Tyler is gay but says it doesn't think it changes people opinion on him, he is nice down to earth individual.

Olly Friend : Olly Does BTEC media and BTEC sport at Ravens Wood. Olly is a student that likes to go out and socialise rather than stay in school do his work, he likes to go to the gym as he is very sporty and also likes going out to watch films.

Jade Mason : Jade is a year 12 student that also studies 4 A levels. she studies hard but then also likes going out and socializing with her friends. she's a very nice individual that gets along with everyone. people say jade is a very 'smiley' person.

Why we have chosen to interview these students:
as our idea is a life of a sixth former we want to capture different peoples lives within sixth form, we understand that everyone is different from each other studying different subjects, having a different approach to how they work and also who they socialise with. we wanted to get three different students that all have a different lifestyle, a student that is in charge spends most his time studying and improving there grades the best they can. Also a student that concentrates on their subject but also at the same time goes out and has fun with her friends. And lastly a student that doesn't care much about his subject and just enjoys doing what he wants going out and socialising. Once I had finalised what documentary i wanted to achieve I had to undertake various pieces of research to make sure i have everything i need to create the best documentary I can.

As our  documenatry choice was 'Life of a sixth former'. The research I have done is to gather various different facts about documentaries about school or even a 'life' of someone in there chosen career. These relate to my documentary and feel if i gather as much research about these topic areas then my documentary will benefit most.

My first bit of documentary research i collected was about Educating Essex.
Educatinf Essex is a British documentary television programme produced by Twofour for Channel 4 that ran for seven episodes from September to November 2011. It uses a fly on the wall format to show the everyday lives of the staff and students of Passmores Academy, a secondary school in Harlow, Essex, interspersed with interviews of those involved and featuring narration from the director and interviewer, David Clews.

I felt that Educating Essex related to my documentary very well as it was had story's from the teachers and most importantly the students. we got to see what the students was like with there different opinions. Students are most important as within our documentary

I have taken this interview to see what journalists say about documentaries like this, i felt that it was exciting and good. Within this article they discuss the foul language and the discussing use of different gestures, while reading this article i feel that they are only taking out the bad within the documentary, i feel it is aimed at a younger target audience, that is why they have taken the students perspective as well as the students. to be able to film this documentary they had to get staff students and parents approval to be able to place 65 camera around the school and have then continuously on while the day goes ahead. like all documentaries they have a main focus point. Their main focus point was the deputy head of the school Stephan Drew. As the camera where rolling throughout the day it caught the good and bad. This can be bad on the school as if they have shown possibly there 'banterous' side but the public taking it literal and serious. However to watch the documentary on channel 4 page you have to agree that you are over the age of 16 and there is strong language, so within the article it it slags off the bad language but it does warn viewers before watching it.

Educating Essex has given me a better understanding on what i need to do to be able to film within the school, how i should go about what should go within the documentary, and what sort of perspective that i want to put across to the audience. 

My documentary is based in a school, but is a 'life' of three different students, my next bit of research will be about how i show a 'life' of someone what needs to be filmed and even what questions need to be asked within the interviews. 

I have moved from looking at different documentary to an article on 'a life of a doctor' I felt that this article would help me collect all the different kinds of research I need to make sure that my documentary will be the best.

I have decided to look at this article as i want to see what is spoken about, what Does she explain, I need to find out the main concept of 'life of a' so when I go to film my 3 different students i know what to film and also what to ask. 
I noticed within this article the doctor explains what course she is doing and how long she is doing it, she explains how she has got to where she is and even the choices she has made to be there. However the thing that really stood out to me was how she gave the timing of the day of what she done and when. for each major part of the day she gave a very good solid answer explaining in detail exactly what she was doing and at the end of this article she explains the ins and outs of being a doctor. 

Reading this article has given me many thing to think about for when I plan my documentary. I Have realised that a 'life of' someone isn't just about there day to day activities, even though that does pay a very important role, but its also what they do, why they have chosen to do it or in some cases why they are forced to do it, do they enjoy what they are doing if so why, how did they get in the situation they are in now.   

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