Monday, 8 June 2015

Pitch feedback

  • We have shown development within our decision of our animation, we first was going to use lego however, we have shown that using lego show make our animation look like we wasn't taking it serious enough, so we have shown development of wanting to change our original idea to paper cut outs, as we felt it best suited the charity and would be the most effective way. 
  • We have shown a clear understanding of the background of Help for Heroes, and have shown good research building up to the creation of our animation. 
  • We was able to explain the purpose of Help For Heroes and give examples of what they do. Within our chosen idea we have given a clear understanding of what the charity does. 
  • We have clear understanding of who our characters are and what they are doing within our animation. we have shown good detailed illustrations with some explanation of who they are and what role they were doing. 
  • We have given a clear understanding of what Mise-en-scene is and how it is involved in our animation we have clearly described what effect we are using and the props lighting and costumes that will be used in our animation. 


  • The concept of our idea wasn't correct the first time we came up with ideas due to us not having a full understanding of Help for Heroes. We have improved this by researching Help for Heroes in more detail and then we have chosen to use a life story of a wounded soldier. This has helped us come up with more ideas that tell a better story and relate to Help for Heroes the best. 
  • Within our storyboard we have given a good visual look however there isn't any writing to also explain in more detail about the camera angles and what is happening. we have used the same storyboards but underneath each drawing we have added in the camera angle and also what is occurring within the frame. 
  • We didn't explain who the target audience was we was aiming for so and to improve we would need to show a full understanding of who the target audience is and who we are aiming it towards.  
  • For our set designs it wasn't clear exactly what we was doing. we had explained our different sets we was going to use but wasn't explained in enough detail. To improve this we have now drawn out the set designs we are using and then underneath we have explained in detail why we are using them and in what part of the animation they will appear. 

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