Friday, 5 June 2015

Evaluate Commentary

after releasing our Documentary we reviewed it by talking about what was going on and how we filmed the documentary as an explanation to the audience.

We went over what went well and what we could have improved if we were to film it again.

With the documentary we found that the beginning was interested as we were basically giving people a tour of the school so starting off at the school sign and gradually getting to the school common room then into the class room. If we were to do this again i think we would have done more footage of the school that the sixth form see but we would have speeded it up so that it wasn't too boring.

After that we explained the students we would be following for the documentary and how they are around school before we went in to the interviews.

We started off with interviewing Jade and we had some footage of her walking around the school and how she was in class and around her friends. We mixed all of this with her interviews so that we could show different angles when filming her. If we were to do this again I think that we would have made sure that we picked the surroundings better for the interview as often the background noise was very loud.

After that we started interviewing Olly, the footage we had originally got of Olly wasn't any good so we had to re shoot his interviews so that we could hear him and get more information out of him as he doesn't talk much! We interviewed him outside where we could here him a lot better and again we put clips of him in class mixed into the interviews too.

Lastly we filmed Tyler, he was the most interesting person to film as he had a lot to say and he enjoyed being filmed so we managed to get a lot more footage of him. We also added footage of him playing around having fun whilst also being serious doing his work. At the end there is a clip of Tyler stating that he feels like a Kardashian being filmed all the time, which was funny because that was what we were basically doing.

At the end we have some black and white pictures of Jade, Olly and Tyler where we have spoken about what they are doing now and what they plan to do next year, we felt this was a good end because it was an ending to  the documentary.

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