Thursday, 4 June 2015

Camera Test Shot analysis

During our animation that we created, we tried to produce a number of different camera angles within the animation to give the whole video more of a dynamic/realistic look and feel to animation.

From this example we tried to create a close up shot during this scene. The reason why we chose this specific camera angle is to show to the audience the characters emotion at that current point in time. As you can see from the photo shown above the character is clearly upset and crying, with the use of a close up angle we are able to show this clearly to the audience so they can engage with the characters emotion first hand and understand how she is feeling. This specific camera angle also allows the viewer to clearly see the characters facial expressions such as features and in this example tears. 

This second example shows the character in the gym. In this scene we wanted to make sure we included as much gym equipment in the scene as possible to give the viewer a clear understanding of the environment that the character is in. To accomplish this we chose to create a wide angle shot, this allowed us to include as much gym equipment and the "Help for Heroes" banner in the background. This was done to not only add more interest into the scene but as previously mentioned before, to allow the viewers to have a clear understanding of the environment that the character is placed in at that point in time.
This final example plays a very important part in the animation due to the fact that its the event that puts the character into hospital. As this is such an important scene in our animation, we had to make sure we created the perfect camera angle to make sure we included everything that was happening in the scene so that the viewer sees exactly what happens. We chose to create a wide angle shot for this scene as we wanted to make sure that the car crash was clearly in the scene for the viewers.

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