Monday, 8 June 2015

Interview question Draft

In our documentary we have asked numerous questions to 3 interviewees. below are the questions asked 

Oliver Friend:

  • What do you do at the weekends? 
  • How do you think people see you at school? 
  • What subjects do you take? 
  • Where do you see yourself in a few years
  • What is Sixth Form like?
  • What is different from in the Sixth Form to the lower school? 

Jade Mason:

  • What was the transition like from GCSE to Sixth Form ? 
  • Did you find it hard to fit in ?
  • Whats the best thing that happened since joining? 
  • Whats your best impression?
  • Was it easy to make friends? 
  • How do you think people see you at school? 

Tyler Lewis Kilden:

  • How did it come across being head boy? 
  • What does it mean to you 
  • How was the transition from the lower school to the upper school 
  • Do you think that your sexuality effected your nomination 
  • When did you join the school? 
  • What subjects do you take? 
  • What do you do at the weekend? 

 Once we have asked these questions to our 3 different interviewees, i felt that each person answered the questions well, giving somestime more than we was expeceting. Even though the questions we asked were very simular, we still had a variety of different answers. below i have chosen the same question asked throughout so you can see the different responses, and i have also shown the question that i feel had the best answer in for each interviewee.

Oliver Friend - 
"what subjects do you take"
Answer - " I do BTEC Media and Btec Sport, Sport becasue ive always liked sport and Media, because.... i thought it'll be fun really"
Olly just said the subjects he was doing and only one sentence on why he has chosen to do it. his answer was the worst as it wasnt very descriptive Making you almsot drift away from watching the documentary.

 "How do you think that people see you at school?"
Olly responded " I don't really think how people see me at school, I have my own friends so I don't tend to worry about how other people see me."

I liked this answer as i felt he best described what he actually felt, his other answers felt fake and he was enthusiastic about it, but answering this he was quick to respond and has a strong answer to the question.
Jade Mason - 
"What subjects do you take"
"Answer" -

"Did you find it hard to fit in"
Answer " I did at first but I gained more confidence and as all the girls were in the same position we bonded quite quickly"
I have chosen this answer as i felt it had the most meaning in it, when she answered you could feel the emotion, undesrtanding that school can be a struggle but Ravenswood community with famale students make bonds easier than it seems.

Tyler Lewis Kilden -

What subjects do you take

"How did it come across being head boy" 
Tyler replied " I didn't think I had a chance at first but the teachers started to tell me that I did, and because the teachers believed in me I started to too."
This is also a goo answer a sit had a lot of emotion i nagain, all tylers answers answer were very good and intresting. they were all answered professionally and clearly, giving a very clear idea of the message he wanted to get across. This was a great answer from Tyler because it showed that he really believed in his self. 

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