Monday, 8 June 2015

BBC interview Research

What is your favourite interview and why?
My favourite interview was Panorama Salvador Dali. this stood out to me the most as i enjoy studying Art and different artists, this interview was filmed in 1955 which was when artists came into their own there was many different artist developing and creating new styles in art. Surrealism was one that i felt was interesting as it was very different. i was interested about the artist and what he would say and act. 
What is your least favourite interview and why? 
My least Favourite was The Solitary Billionaire: J. Paul Getty. i found that the concept was very interesting, however The man he was interviewing was very boring, i found he was boring to listen to and often repeated the same thing over within his question. He was slow and didn't seem intelligent for what he is. he had a boring voice and spoke with no emotion.
What is the best question out of all the interviews you watched and why?
Panorama Salvador Dali- i enjoyed the question about how he did is beard. it gave humor and also a good start to the interview. the way he answered it he didn't even batter an eye lid he just told them how he did it how long it takes and what he uses. 
And the worst?
my least favourite question was when he asked about his moustash when he went to bed. even though it was humorous they have already discussed the style and how he does it, so i felt asking it it was pointing up or down when he sleep pointless.
What is the funniest response? What question prompted it? 
The funniest response was Mohammed Ali at the beginning. The first question was asked and then he his response was 'no problem' swaying his head back acting like he didn't care. the audience that was laughing which i felt emphasized the humor more.
Who is your favourite interviewer? Why? 
Frost was my favourite interviewer. I felt that he engaged with who he was interviewing well, he sat and listened while asking very important and questions people wanted to know the answers to. he got involved when Mohammed Ali got up and showed him 'to be one step in front of the mummy' making the interview interesting and exciting.

Other interesting things you have found. 
I thought the surrounding on where they were interviewed. In each interview you can clearly see the conversing. however in each interview where the seats are placed can be varied, meaning the 2 people are at different distances away from each other. Also depending on who the interview is on sets the surrounding. such as Mohammed Ali is in a boxing ring.

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