Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Filmed Interview Evaluation

I felt that my filmed interview practice that I conducted went really well. We both answered the questions giving full explanations in detail without drifting away from the original question that was asked. 

Now i have watched the interview back over i have noticed a few things within the interview. These were such things as the questions that was asked were completely random to each other. If this interview was to take place again then we have both said that we would base the question on one topic area. 

  • we had decided to film the interview in a quite room, that we wouldn't be disturbed in. we have chosen to do it here as we wanted to make sure you can hear and understand what is being said without any background noise.
  • We both answered the questions giving full detailed explanations. 
  • When we was asking and being asked the question we was confident with speaking making it very clear in front of camera. we felt we done this well as some people can get nervous, and not say a lot or even mumble their words. 
  • when asking the question we went straight into asking the next one instead of waiting between each one after the interviewee had finished the answer to the previous question. 
  • When asking the questions if we stuck to one topic area instead of lots of random questions, this is so that the questions would flow and we would find out more about one topic area instead of lots of little details.
  • If we had a third person involved within the interview then it would have more structure as they would help guide the questions that was asked. 
  • if the equipment used was better as it looks unprofessional in parts making it look bad, we would decide on a better place with the lighting and also the positioning of the camera.  

Now i have looked back at our interview and gathered feed back, i felt it was an overall success. However like in many things if i was to do this interview again i would change a few small things. these are things such as having a topic area for the questions, and using better equipment for the production of the interview making it have a more professional look and feel.  

We felt that asking questions based on one topic area would be more exciting for viewers apart from lots of random questions, i felt this as if we had a topic area then we would get a full understanding about what that persons things of that topic there will be more of a story to it, if just asking random question then the  viewer will only get small details about loads of random things showing no story. 

Questions that can be improved even with their answers:

Kieran's question to Tom.

Q1: What is your favourite TV show 

A1: "My favourite TV show is ermmm........... Winnie the Poo"

Tom could improve this answer by answering quicker and given a better detailed answer, such as explaining why it is his favourite TV program and what makes it better than others with examples. 

Toms question to Kieran.

Q1: What is your favourite subject in school 

A1: "My favourite Subject in school is Further maths"
Kieran could of improved this by answering explaining why it is his favourite subject and what he likes about this subject, he can say other subjects that he dislikes and why further maths stands out to him. 

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