Thursday, 19 June 2014

35. Ident screen grab annotation

 Here above is the beginning off my ident. the first scene is set in the forrest. you can see the trees in the background and the man getting ready to light the spark.
 On this clip the lego man has lit the spark and it is traveling through the forest towards the mountains.
 While the spark is traveling trough the forrest we have slightly zoomed in onto the spark. we felt getting a close up of the spark makes it easier to see what is going on and what's happening.
 The forrest then leads the spark out to the mountains where the volcano is.
 The spark travels up the spark, we also zoomed in slightly on the spark again so it is easier to see and ist to far away.
 The spark has reached the top of the volcano after being set off by the lego man. it goes into the volcano .
 The spark has entered the volcano and has made it erupt. the lava is firing out of the volcano.
 Now the lava is falling down the side off the volcano, more is coming out and creating something.
The lava has created a number'4' on the side of the volcano. this is the end off our ident and we zoom out a bit so you can see what is happening in the clip.
above is where i have added the sound over the top of the video i have converted the music from youtube and then placed it into final cut. The noises i have chosen fit the forest and volcano erupting to give it more effect. 
here are only some off the shots i have taken to create this ident. i had to take many different photos of slow movement of the clay, then i have cute them down and sped up each photo so it all links together well.

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