Friday, 13 June 2014

5. Annotated Research.

1. Here I have a screen gab of the bbc one ident history page. Looking at the screen grab you can see it shows how the logo has changed though previous years but they have still kept the shapes that make up the number '4' . Looking at previous logo designs we have tried to keep the shapes within our logo design. We have also notice how they have progressed from there very first logo to what they have now due to changes in technology and personal for creativity.

2. While designing our channel 4 logo we have come across many differnt ideas. We looked at channel for style guide as we felt it will help us with the design. We wanted to do as much research as we could, we wanted to make sure that the design of our ident will represent channel 4 the best. Channel 4 style guide gave us a lot of information on the how they have designed there logo and why. We got a much better understand of how to design our logo and what sort of things we should

3.  The next stage of our research was looking at there broadcasting schedule, we decided to look at channel 4 website to get a better understand on the different programme that would be played and at what time. We wanted to see if the timing of the day would effect what sort of ident was played. Weather the ident would be different in the morning and afternoon.

4. We decided to create a survey that we would send out to people and get better feedback from channel 4 and other viewers. We asked them many things, but we wanted to find out if they liked the channel 4 logo and if they didn't, what would they change? We mainly asked this question as we felt if viewers wanted to change anything then we would have the information and could possibly put this into our design of our ident.

5. Our next bit of research was on YouTube. We found that channel 4 had many different types of idents, but why? And we're they all played same parts during the day or random? We wanted to find out if a programm was aimed at a older target audience would the ident be different ident to if there was a programm aimed a a younger target audience.

6.  Here we was unsure on how we could come up with and produce and high quality ident. We researched 'what makes a outstanding ident' we came across many different idents from many different channels, we took notes from each ident to find out what they all had in common. We wanted to get ideas from the best ideas so we new that our ident would be what the viewers were wanting to see.

7.  For our logo design we wanted to creat 20 differnt logo and if needed develop them on, however creating 20 logos from just imagination can be quiet difficult. We research many different logos, findimg out what sort of font or design they are, the colour they are and also the size. We used all this information to help us come up with 20 various differnt channel 4 designs.

8. Our last piece of research we done was figuring out how animation is Made. We wanted to use animation so we looked into if animation can be a part of ident and we came across many different methods in which ident are developed and made. This helped us in the production of our ident for channel 4.

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