Thursday, 19 June 2014

Clearance Letter.

CODA House, 56 Compton Street,
Clerkenwell, London,
United Kingdom.

To whom this may concern,
                         I am writing to ask permission to use your music 'waiting all night'. Firstly before i start I would like to introduce myself,I am a BTEC media student studying at Ravens Wood School. For my first year at Ravens Wood I have been looking and learning about music videos, we have now been set a task to create our own music video. 

Me and the other students i am working with thought that your song 'waiting all night' would be the perfect choice for us, we are all very fond off this song and feel we can create a video good enough to impress you. we would love to have permission to use your song  due to the fact we have many ideas for it already. 

Our main idea is spending the day up London. we want to film a group of best friends having fun and spending time together up London  we would film this throughout the course off the day getting different clips of exciting activities we are doing. also we would film the scenery around us to engage our viewers, tying to make then feel like they are their as well  For this idea i and my peers thing that 'waiting all night' will fit very well with the concept as it is mainly aimed at the youth.

If you accept us to use this song, then we will be very grateful and send you our final product.I feel the video we will create will be very successful, due to the fact we have very talented editors and actors. I also feel that this could promote your song around my school and also out to many others relating to the school. 

Thank-you for having the time to read this letter and we will be looking forward to your reply. 

Yours Sincerely,

Tom Madkins   

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