Thursday, 19 June 2014

29. Expansion of ident

Due to the design and layout of out ident, we have decided that we would need to make other indents similar to the one we have created. We found with our other ideas it could be a challemge to fulfil that goal.
The final chosen idea of our ident made this a lot easier. In every ident we created we would stick to having a main 'character' like E4 Eefer. Ours would be the spark. Within the ident we created the spark is lit, travelling through a forest and then onto a feild until it
Reaches the mountains where it travels up a volcano. The volcano then erupts, the lava crashing down the side of the volcano moulding round rocks. Once the lava has moulded it creates the number 4. We felt that this spark could travel the world. Follower img a fuse to many famous and also not so famous places, in each ident exploring the different kinds of nature. 
The way the ident will finish will be due to what the spark was traveling through, not all of our idents can finish with a erupting volcano. 
How will our indents finish?
Well prior to the creation on our ident we did have various ideas to how we wanted to finish the ident, however we liked the idea of the volcano best.  We thought due to the situation of where the spark is travelling then it will help us decide what kind of finish we would have to each individual ident. The endings we came up with we thought still could make an outstanding ident.
Ideas for future idents.
The spark can travel through a city and go into the power supply, when the camera zooms out and gets a bids eye veiw of the city then the spark has ligh up buildings that are layed out to create the 4
When finished travelling up to the sun through space then the sun will explode and what is left after creates the cumber 4.
Traveling through mountings the spark creates an avalanche when the Avalanche is finished all you see at the bottom of the mountains is the snow however the snow falls around the Rick creating the 4.
We have come up with many ideas so we can expand out original idea on further. We want each idea to be unique and different, but also keep one element the same to show they are related. 'The spark'. The spark will appear in every ident we produce as we feel it is a good focus point and also exciting towards the viewers.

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