Friday, 13 June 2014

15. methods of Recruitment

Internal Candidates - 
The person you want could be on your doorstep. That person has the benefit of knowledge of your company and its personalities and may already know something of the position

Advertising -
When a recruitment brief calls for a specific advertising approach, your consultant in conjunction with our marketing department will determine the most appropriate media for that vacancy, prepare the advertising copy, design the layout, organised the typesetting and book the advertising space.
Example: leaflets, newspaper, posters

Recruitment consultancies -
Filesearch - For many positions, particularly at junior and middle management level, a file search may be the most appropriate recruitment method. Alexander Lloyd’s database will give you access to candidates who are 'highly active', i.e., those candidates who have made a conscious decision to change job.

Personal Recommendations -
It has been estimated that as many as 40% of jobs are filled through some form of personal recommendation. Some companies even reward their staff for recommending prospective employees.Whilst this may be an alternative source of candidates, don't ignore references; you must be just as rigorous in assessing the candidate. 

National Press
The National press club is a professional organisation and private social club for journalist. it is well known for its gatherings with invited speakers from public life.

Trade Press:
Trade magazines typically contain advertising content centered on the industry in question with the little if any general advertising. they also generally contain industry-specific job notices, high pertinent aspect to many readers. some trade magazines operate under controlled circulation, meaning the publisher decides who may receive free subscriptions based on each individual qualification as a member of the trade.

the internet can be used in many ways but can also be used to look for jobs in many different industry. such  as media or retail. using the internet you can apply online for different jobs.
Example: there are many websites that will help people find out new jobs, places such as McDonald and next you will fill in an application online and they will either give you a phone call or email.

Word of mouth: 
word of mouth means that you can hear of a job by people either telling you about it or you hear someone talking about it.
example: someone telling you about it 

Internal promotion: 
the assessment of an employers current staff to a certain if any current employees are sufficiently skilled or qualified to perform required job vacancies. when a business engages internal recruitment, a current employee might be reassigned to the new position by giving them either a promotion or a internal transfer.
Example: if someone leaves or retires high up within the organisation then they may promote someone to that job role that is already internal to the company

Linkeden is an online social network for a business professionals. its different than other social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook because it is designed specifically for professional networking - finding a job discovering sales ideas and also connecting with potential business partners.

Trade Fair:
A trade fair show, trade exhibition is an exhibition organised so that companies in a specific industry can showcase and demonstrate their latest products, services study activities of rivals and examine recent market trends and opportunities.

Recruitment agency:
An employment agency is an organisation which matches employees to other employees. In all Development countries there is a publicly funded employment agency and multiple private businesses which also act as employment agencies. 
Example: Giving your CV to these companies and they ill find a job that best suits you.