Thursday, 19 June 2014

Prop List

Started from the bottom - Drake.

Prop: Camera
Scene: we use the camera throughout to film the music video.

Scene: we use the tripod to keep the ca,era steady as it gives a better camera shot.

Prop: football
Scene; we shall be using the football in the beginning of the music video, dribbling with the ball and then shooting.

Prop: Football Goal
Scene: we have the football goal in a small part of the video, we shoot the ball into the goal.

Prop:Football Dummies
Scene: we use these dummies to dribble round.

Scene: we used the chair instead of a supermarket trolly due to not being able to get a trolly.

Prop:Bank Card
scene: we used the bank card as a 'name tag'.

Prop: Book
scene: we used this in a very small part of the video it was getting 'hit' out of the actors hands.

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