Friday, 13 June 2014

16.survey analysis

With my first graph I found out a fact the 10 people I asked in my survey were 5 male and 5 female.

With the second graph of age, i found out the 2 people were under 15, 4 people were 16-18, 1 person was 19-21, 2 people were 22-24 and 1 person was 25+.

My 3rd graph was ethnicity, 5 people were white British, 3 people were black British, 1 person was asian and 1 person was other.

My 4th graph was employment. 5 of the people were students, 3 people were unemployed, 3 people were office workers and 1 person was a labourer.

My 5th graph was on favourite programmes, 4 people said The simpsons, 1 person said Deal or No Deal, 2 people said Countdown and 3 people said Educating Yorkshire.

The 6th graph was on the time of day people watch channel 4. 1 person said 7am - noon, 1 person said 1pm - 3pm, 3 people said 4pm - 6pm, 4 people said 7pm - 9pm and 1 person said 10pm+

The 7th graph was what do people want to see in our logo. 2 people said colour, 2 people said boldness, 3 people said creativity and 3 people said animation.

With the 8th graph, I asked what do people want in our logo, 5 people said live action, 1 person said nothing and 4 people said animation.

The 9th graph I asked if people like the channel 4 logo, 6 people said yes and 4 people said no.

My 10th and final question was what would you like to see more of on channel 4? 6 people said they want to see more comedy shows, 2 people said they want longer running shows, 1 person said more dramas and 1 person said they would like to see more documentories

In conclusion, I will review all my feed back and take it all into consideration to make my logo more appealing to the viewers of Channel 4.

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