Monday, 16 June 2014

Track Choice Anyalysis

We chose the track 'Waiting All Night' by the group Rudimental because i feel it gives a urban feel out, we feel this song will fit very well with the video we have created.
Rudimental is known within the UK and many places around the world as a young urban drum and bass group. This suits our target audience very well as we aim to entertain the young teen audience in the UK. 
We also chose this song for other reasons, we connected with the lyrics off the song very well. After listening we had many different ideas, we could recreate the music video.
Rudimental produce a lot of songs which make it into the charts, this helps us as we know that the choice of the song is well known and recognisable.
we have also decided to choose this song and artist due to their style of video. we felt we would get the best outcome if we used Rudimental and Waiting all night. we have had many ideas already regarding this genre of music and will produce a very exciting emotional Music video.

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