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14& 15. Interview + Analysis


1) Do you watch other channels over Channel 4? if so why?

2) What is your favorite Channel 4 program? why do you like it?

3) How do you think Channel 4 ident could be improved?

4) What time of day do you watch Channel 4 and why?

5) What sort of things do you want to see in Channel 4 idents?

6) Do you like the Channel 4 logo? what else would you expect to see?

7) Would you give Channel 4 a colour scheme? explain your answer.

Person one
aged 13

Answer 1) yes I watch other channels such as E4, BBC and Comedy Central, I enjoy these channels more as it lets me watch a wider range of comedy and entertainment.

Answer 2) my favorite program on Channel 4 is The Simpsons. I enjoy watching this because it Is for young people and it makes me laugh with its comedy.

Answer 3)  I think that it could be spend up a bit so it doesn't get boring, I also feel that they should use better and more interesting locations to get a wider range of idents.

Answer 4) I watch Channel 4 around 6 o'clock this is because The Simpsons is normally on around that time. also I watch it when I'm eating dinner, and The Simpsons is the only thing  I like to watch while eating.

Answer 5) I like to see the buildings, different locations, different ways and ideas of seeing the number '4' being made.

Answer 6) I thing the Channel 4 logo is very boring, however if it had a different background I think it would be more appealing and better to look at.

Answer 7) having a colour scheme helps, but channel 4 doesn't need one, there idents are landscape and cannot fit  certain colour to them.

Person 2.
Age 18

Answer 1) I do watch other channels over Channel 4 as I like to watch a selection of programs instead of having a small selection to choose from.

Answer 2) i most enjoy Hollyoaks, I enjoy this most as it is a different soap. They are all entertaining and enjoyable to watch.

Answer 3) I think channel 4 ident could have some more life involved, have something like animals people planes, as this will focus the viewer and not make it as boring.

Answer 4) I watch Channel 4 around 7 30. I watch It at this time because this is when the channels I enjoy are played.

Answer 5) I want to see mainly different landscapes. different areas. also in Their idents I expect to see buildings.

Answer 6) Yes I feel that it is vey different they have interpreted the 4 in very nicely. however I would like it to have more of  a background making the main 4 stand out more.

Answer 7) no I don't feel that Channel 4 need a colour scheme. This is down to their idents are of different buildings and landscapes having a set colour may class with the different locations.

Person 3
aged 47

Answer 1) yes I watch many other channels as I get bored of channel 4 and like other channels.

Answer 2) I don't have s channel I enjoy most as I don't watch it as much. I have other channels I prefer to Channel 4.

Answer 3) I feel that Channel 4 ident is very boring, it need to have more going on to catch the attention of the viewers.

answer 4) I don't watch Channel 4, the only time I watch Channel 4 is when I watch the news.

Answer 5) in Channel 4 idents I expects to see landscape images, then objects placed around to create the number 4. I also expect to see buildings.

Answer 6) I feel the logo is good and you can clearly see what it is but isn't very eye catching, it is boring and bland.

Answer 7) I feel that channel  4 should have colours on their logo, but not on their ident.

person 4

Answer 1) yes I watch channels over Channel 4. this is because I like different programs on other channels

Answer 2) the program I most enjoy watching is 'come dine with me' I enjoy these type of programs as it people from the public and not celebrities.

Answer 3) I feel that their ident could have more animation and better creativity to make it more exciting and show they are one of the larger channels.

Answer 4) I normally watch it around 4 onwards flicking over channels, as I have finished work and like to relax.

Answer 5) I want to see animation more creative work as their idents can be boring.

Answer 6) yes I like the way they have designed their logo however I feel it is can be boring to look at, a background would make it stand out more.


Answer 1) yes I enjoy watching Cartoon Network as that has children's progams

Answer 2)  I really enjoy watching simpsons as I find it really funny and is cartoon.

Answer 3) I would lik to see more explosions and animation (cartoon)

Answer 4) when I get home from school and when Simpsons is on.

Answer 5) lots of explosions and cartoons to make it exciting.

Answer 6) yes i like the way the different shapes are made into something.

Answer 7) yes because then when you see that colour you know its for channel 4.

 Question 1.) I will put  a higher range of channels into Channel 4 so it suits all age groups.
 Question 2.) there are many channels that are liked but The Simpsons come out best and will be played more than others at different timings in the day.
 Question 3.) I will Add more animation into the ident making it more cartoony, however I will also keep the landscape background to keep the Original Channel 4 scheme.
 Question 4.) I will play different programs at various times of the day so its always appealing to the viewers.
 Question 5.)  I will chose a higher range of landscapes with interesting and different animations.
 Questions 6.)  I will give the number '4' a background that fits channels 4. I will change the colours so it makes the channel '4' stand out and bold.
 Question 7.) I will makes the colours bold and bright, and keep them similar and fits all ages and genders.

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