Thursday, 19 June 2014

Production Log

Waiting All Night.
For a music video we wanted to show a group off friends out having a laugh and doing exciting things. We decided as a group to spend the day up  London. We went to may different location, filming little clips off what we done throughout the day, unfor we couldn't  film on the train or tube as it was too packed and didn't have enough room to film. However we filmed when we got out the station and things we enjoyed doing through out the day. We took many types of travel to get around London exploring the life. There Wasn't a main target in what we filmed, we just had the camera on for most the day and then filmed what we felt was what was best. getting differnt people from our group to film different parts so everyone was in our video. We mainly took different clips off the scenery and what was going on around us so the viewer could get the feel off what we was doing. We feel our day was very successful and we go the message we went out to achieve. 


Day 1: 
This was when we first decided on what we would produce for our music video. we had many different ideas but as a group came up with a final idea.

Day 2:
 we started to make a plan on what we would film and where we would film different parts, we collected all the information on where we needed to go and also we set out a plan for travel as we would be traveling all across London, we made sure we new where we was going and at what time we wanted to be there.

Day 3: 
we collected all different types of equipment we would need throughout the filming process. however we only took a limited amount of equipment with us due to it being difficult to travel around London with large amounts.

Day 4. 
This is the day we decided to film our music video, we took our plan and traveled up to London, we all filmed different part of what happened to the day giving our filming a few more characteristics within in the filming technique. we made sure we stuck to our schedule as we wanted to film everything we could before it got to dark.

Day 5: 
we looked at the footage that we had produced, we liked our filming however we felt that we didn't have enough to have the small snappy clips we was wanting to incorporate into our music video.

Day 6: 
we went back up to London to film the missing gaps we had however these wasn't of us as we would be wearing different clothes and also the weather could have changed.

Day 7: 
on this day we uploaded all of our footage and put it all together creating a finalised music video for waiting all night. 

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