Friday, 20 June 2014

33. bibliography

Why we chose Channel 4?
 We chose channel 4 because, we felt that the ident of the channel are aimed towards people of our age. This gave us a lot of ideas in what we could base our ident around.
Channel 4 use landscapes alot in their indents, so we chose to do two landscapes in one ident.

How we chose our final idea
 We chose our final ideas of using two landscapes because, no other channel 4 ident landscapes has two landscapes in, so we thought this would be a twist to the channel.
 We had many different ways in which to chose our final idea such as a survey around our local area through e-mail. We asked 10 different multi-choice questions and got an average for each answer to the questions to choose our final idea.

How we developed our ideas
 We developed our ideas by all coming up with an idea and sharing it around the group, if we had any ideas which linked in anyway or we liked a specific idea, we would create an ident out of the ideas we came up with.

How we made our ident
 We made our ident completely out of modelling clay. The props we created were trees, a volcano, a little spark and we used a lego man.
 We set out all the trees at a POV (point of view) and followed the spark through the woods which eventually lead to a volcano.
 The volcano starts erupting whilst the spark starts climbing up the volcano and falls into the volcano and then the pour our lava which is bit of red clay we added after each photo to create a 4 in the middle of the lava.

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